Hi-Res of Sapph II release with paths?

@PGFeds Could you update the hi-res from below that includes paths? (or if it’s just one large version of how it looks in game - doesn’t have to be hi-res) Thanks.

For those of us with the bug below, we need it to navigate, as the toggled mode doesn’t include paths either, and teammates would need to take numerous screenshots to get it of a usable quality.

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Hey @forScience, will this map do it for you? Hi-Res Map Expansion #2


@PGFeds Perfect, thanks so much!

You are welcome!

This is the old map that doesn’t include all the new connections.
In game has 100s of more travel paths.

Oh, you’re right; there are a couple areas in wind that are orphaned. Perfect for the path that I was looking to confirm :smiley:

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