Hi war dragon people / I am LFT

I am looking for platinum 1/sapphire3 team
I am 382 max base and do well in main events and will do my part in atlas, looking for more active team, my current team not many on at same time / and they don’t do well in events!:pleading_face:
Please give me information I would like to find a new home before breeding event
Looking 4 a team that makes
10 quest
And 8/8 in main event


Time Zone:
Played time:
Age Range:
Elite Account?:
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:


Hi, we are a Sapphire 3 team very active in Atlas. We are an international team and cover all the time zones, with a prevalence in USA and Europe.

Do you all make 10 quest chest / 8/8 team in events?

Not always.
We achieve no less than 9 in quests.
In team prizes we achieved 8/8 in last two events, but more often we achieve 7/8.

Have sent you a message here

I found a new home @moderators please close thanks

I can not promise 10th chest prize - sometimes - but always 9th chest prize

Team achievement award - I have to be honest - varies with events - we have made 8/8 twice in the past month - but I will not lie and tell you - that is what happens every single event. Always close to 8/8 - but not always.

Good Luck to you hun :blush: