Hide the new tier from me

I don’t want to see it - I don’t want to know it exists!

Unless I have at least two parents to breed one of the next tier dragons !AND! the level requirement (which I am hoping you are reconsidering for Harbinger and whatever the new “NobodyWantsIt” tier is called) …save me some frustration and hide it from me. Please.

This is the third time there is a riot about a new tier and you don’t listen. Nothing is going to change with the release and I’ve come to accept that but at least don’t tease me/us every day with a tier I have no way of reaching within the next year. Just FYI releasing a new tier is not motivating me to spend more to reach it faster - it does the total opposite.

Anyway, just lock it away from me unless I am at a level where it affects me.

Thanks, Deo


Just play at your own pace and enjoy the game. Not everyone me included will reach the competitive endgame, so just enjoy your journey for now.

Learn to fly hauheset and spindra and you’ll never worry about tiers anymore :full_moon_with_face:


I’d rather know what hits me than be confused of a new dragons…


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