High levels enjoying farming on low levels

I guess its too lame to attack low levels specially if the attacker is level 200+ named dragonspellz i guess before you get involved with the battles of your team member consider the level and who started it before meddeling with it. In I would advise that you have a chat with your member joeyjr his attitude and manner is a mouthful. A friendly tip find someone a bit challenging and consider whos fault why the battle started.Its embarassing to find 200+ level players alternstely attacking a level 56. this could have been ok if both playersvare at the same level.

message him.

Why bring this to forums?


Don’t care. It’s a war game. You will get attacked. There is no objective definition of farming. Plenty of games involve no pvp whatsoever if that’s more your speed (Candy Crush etc).


i definitly agree its a pvp vgame however its kinda dubious for a level 214 to keep on attacking a level 56 taken note of being in a high level regardless of the fact of being a leader. Why not pick a battle with a level worth attacking i hope you get the point buddy. im not complaining just want to stress my toughts on this if he is that strong why not attack somebody higher than he is thats more challenging.

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I am sure they are not doing this without reason. You might have done same thing to someone they know or insulted them or someone related to them in LC. Telling one side of story and expecting to come to forums for sympathy is trying to frame other person in question.

honestly, their member joey attacked me 3 consecutive times 4 days ago and im taking my revenge by attacking his member who is at the same level as i am both level 56, i guess that is a fair match but 56 being attack by 200+ i guess that doesnt have a weighing scale to start with.

How many times?
It seems like you asked for it.
Stop attacking and ask your leader to send an apology message and ask their team to stop attacking you.

ignore him. he will get bored.

but in general if you can’t handle being revenged hard don’t revenge yourself in the first place.

and again, forums is not the right place to vent about someone farming you.


i can do what your suggesting but the point of his member starting his own war and asking for back up is a bit out of the line and for my end i fought back and took revenge my leader did not take any part of the battle between joeyjr1997 and i have i did not ask any back up. because i know the bĂ ttle is between joey and me. i guess being in a high level gives the player an opportunity to bombarge low levels without any challenge at all. i hope you understand my point where is the cvallenge of picking up fights with sombody not even half of the level he is. in such term hierchy.

All is fair in love and war


my apologies just wanted to find the toughts of others about such topics.

yup i agree with that hehehe…

In war, you can get backup of level 300 being a level 10 and still defeat a level 200 or even level 400 base depending on how skilled your backer is. So you should be prepared for counter attack in any way if you are going to attack someone.

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Farming is part of war. Higher levels rake less so only advice really is to learn more.

escalate it. Make him farm you more. That’s always my goal. If someone wants to repeatedly hit me, it means they’re not playing the rest of the game. That means they’re not growing their dragons, helping their team, et cetra. It means you win.


im happy to know the response of higher level in such topics. but reporting such stuff spoils the game i just thought that mabe the game could be more entising and fun if there is a cap on such levels. reporting is not an option i dont want to spoil the point of the game being a pvp. i too enjoy pvp but with challenging benchmarks.

to be fair with dragospellz he did send a mail that i did not respond to which resulted for him to attack me doe now things got settles i do hope he could justify stuff to his members action just to be fair my main thoughts here is having a cap if its possible base on the thread and the opinion of others having such cap could make things balanced

i asked xMashX to stop farming. I asked him to communicate with me before any action was taken. I messaged his leader who also refused to get involved. I advised him and his leader of the possible consequences if the farming continued. All attempts to resolve this amicably were ignored. XMashX farmed Joe foe several days 8-10 consecutive attacks every day. If you want to farm a teammate excessively without communication of the reason then you should expect to get farmed yourself. My attacks were simply an attempt to get this player to respond to my messages. Whichever finally did. So the attacks stopped. Half of the story is all that you can expect when one person is telling it. I do look out for my teammates but if I know they are in the wrong I also discipline them. I would have done the same if I were a level 6. But I’m not. And I feel that I deserve an answer. This is how someone who is bullying a player responds to a taste of his own medicine. I am fair and I expect others to be fair as well.


i did not bully your member the fact that he draw the first 3 consecutive attacks pushed me to get revenge farming is different becaus i am not gaining instead im using mybresources such as healingbpotions to teach your member that he cannot get away all the time if such action was done to me i cant accuse him of doing it to someone else. I guess you missed the part of what he did to opt me into teaching him a lesson and the idea that joey and i are at the same level.

Look man arguing on forums isnt going to get you anywhere. I think everyone complains atleast once about getting farmed. U know what it typically causes? U get farmed more. Imagine your the leader of a group of friends that you hold near and dear to your heart and u constantly see a defend team mate banner pop up and it’s always the same guy. Now imagine how u would feel even if it didn’t necessarily pertain to you. U would do the same exact thing.Sometimes in order to work things out it takes a little empathy and putting yourself in their shoes and imagine how they would feel. Also please remember this is just a game. It’s called war dragons. There’s plenty more resources out there for us all to share. Sometimes it takes being the bigger man. Now after this if you continue to attack him after this was made public then u deserve to be an xp farm. I for one agree with dragonspellz as when he entered this chat he was nothing but courteous and polite and explained his side thoroughly and calmly. U know what I do when people try to farm me? I laugh it off and go hit someone else and get my resources back. Either that or I transfer all my resources so he doesn’t get anything. It’s fine man. Let sleeping dogs lay.