Higher Seagazer or lower Riverwatch in prep for Mid-long base

I can’t seem to get enough pearls to level my Seagazer, so it’s 12 levels behind my flaks and will remain 12-16 levels behind for the foreseeable future. I’m currently using a short layout and don’t need the Riverwatch, but at the end of the year I will likely move to a mid-long layout and Riverwatch will be needed.

Two questions. Is it true that past level 30 on your perch, there are no boost benefits, only higher attack and HP for the actual perch?

Assuming that is true, and that my perch will always be far behind my other towers because I can’t get enough pearls, should I start building the Riverwatch in prep for the mid-long move?

I would likely have a level 32 riverwatch when I made the move and a level 32 seagazer for my farms/mills. If I keep leveling the seagazer, I’ll have level 60 towers, a level 44 seagazer and level 0 riverwatch. Thanks for any input.

Yeah, just get them both to 30; 31 if you want to plonk Mehaten on one.

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I feel like I should trust your opinion, thanks for sharing.

Am I correct in that level 31 and up provide no additional boosts, just more attack and HP for the actual perch? So unless it’s close in level to other attack towers, leveling is a little bit of a waste?

Yes. :slight_smile:

Attack is also limited by the dragon you put on the perch, too- Obsidian attack > Sapphire attack.

Just get your perches to 30 and worry about the details later- like mythics.

Yes ma’am! I’m halfway through maxing elite earth gear to put Meglok on my perch but I need to divert to fire gear for Mehaten. :man_facepalming:At least I get another mythic to fly, whether it’s Namaka or Meglok. :man_shrugging: Which one are you getting?

I don’t really care for either; so I suppose if my sigil spending meanders in that vicinity I’d pick Meglok for my perch. Still waiting on those promised progression lines first though. :thinking:

Have fun with your buff gear, but do focus on maxing them one by one! :laughing:

Why not getting both of them to lv 30? (unless you have Adriel).
That way, the perch will still be useful during fort without removing your gear boosts
Also, useful after moving to mid setup too.


Thanks Orca, this seems to be the consensus. Or to level 31 on both so I can use Mehaten on them. This is what I’ll do.

Both to 30, stronger rider on your main without skill construction, the weaker on the other perch. So u also dont need switch for fortification.

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Oh yeah… I need Leilani on my main perch and Bjorn on my second.

Particularly when you go to a mid-long, you should consider getting the Atlas defensive rider for the 12% construction buff to swap onto Seagazer during fort events.

The only thing u want Björn, is bench him.

Just use the Atlas defender for the 12% construction reduction + Leilani for actual buffs

Wouldn’t I want Bjorn outside of fort since the HP on my farms/mills would be 9% instead of 4.5% with atlas defender?

Oh, if you want to switch it for fort, sure. 4.5% is a kinda negligible percentage, but I suppose every little bit helps. :slight_smile:

Craft a cheap set of gear; I’m sure Bjorn would appreciate it. :laughing:

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