Highest tokens gathered from 0 - no πŸ’³πŸ’Έ


You should share some of that wealth

I would have some extra, I will send it to you via UPS. Gimme ur wd address :kissing_heart:

My highest from 0 was 137K which makes we wonder how the hell am I suppose to get Apophet in one breeding event??? I have never gotten higher than that AND I do mission speed-up :woman_shrugging:

I have 187k breeding tokens and 306 blue frags. I am trying for iteru and hau this event.

Since the last breeding event or longer? Nice job! only 138k here

Was flat 0 after last breeding event. Thansk man. 138k is alot of farm too!

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What league are you in? Because those dayily payouts might make a bit of a difference lol.

Plat 2 - yeah I’m sure of that. I came to sapphire just before the re-balance and we dropped to plat the following week.


Trueeee! More than a week-ish in sapphire 3 and almost 2 weeks in D2. Ive been playing in plat 3-2 before. The most i got was 130+ the usual is 110+ , no speeding in tokens. I grinded/speeded tokens using rubies and prolly spent around 6-7k by now which gives me around 19k extra tokens?

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That’s a fair amount, I’ve been in plat 4 (250) and plat 3 (300) since last breed and have only managed to scrape together 104k tokens since last breed lol. And quite a few of those were from gold chests I opened during the event that just finished :laughing:

Edit: and I do speed up my egg missions

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I used the term β€œgathered” cuz yes bronzies and golds helped me alot . And i believe you, 100k isnt easy in platinum, i would even say you did a very good job, no shit. Good good job dear. :kissing_heart:

I recently moved to sapphire and made about 110k since last breeding event, but I have been fairly active this month getting familiar with atlas.

oops this wasn’t meant as a reply to you Liz.


Share how ? Tips and strategies, bc I never use money for events , only bought some 30 days elite account

Do well in every event. I only open golds in pvp events. Grind the most you can in a day for egg tokens.

Lvl 1 ember for egg token farming speeding with rubies. (Sorry dont have time to explain in detail rn).

Thats it.


Does anyone know about what is the most possible amount of egg tokens a person can farm in a month? Starting from 0.

That really depends on:

  1. League tier. Higher will be better daily token payout (including war token)
  2. Existing resources such as speedups, rubies, potions, etc.
  3. Your own level. Higher means you can get more chance to get higher personal achievement during events (prize).
  4. Activity level. More active means more personal achievement and more tokens from grinding.
  5. Team Support. Better team support means more chance for higher personal achievement during pvp events.
  6. Packs bought. Omit this if it’s bought :wink:

I just wanted to know farming. if i used rubies to speed up egg token missions about how much can I get in a month. Does anyone know the ratio?

It depends on how much rubies you you are willing to use.

30 rubies = 80 with token boost
60 rubies = 160
120 rubies = 320

4k rubies = is close to 11k tokens.

11k tokens in 4k rubies is better than risking in opening 10 golden chests and get no tokens at all * if u really want to get more tokens*

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I believe that my highest amount of egg tokens ever stored up between breeding events without paying any money was around 160,000. That also did not involve stock piling a ton of rubies between events either. My habit makes it impossible for me not to get 10x gold chests whenever I eclipse 4k rubies so it’s not like I had a ton sitting around waiting to open chests all at once.