Highlight for the officers and leader

I realized that if you are not in the game at that time it’s being hard to track the people joining, or leaving the team, the people changing their names, and who is being kicked and who did it. Also a few days ago a person who left the team for no reason without saying anything, i mean in our team we just don’t like it, than he came with a different name thanks to an officer he got a past message to him and realized that. So i would like to see a highlight of actions that concern the team.

  1. How long the player is in that team (this i guess should be written in the team meeting hall)
  2. Was he in the team before (in case of a new one)
  3. The people changed their names in the team
  4. Who joined or who left the team, if being kicked its also in this list
    Basically a tab for system messages (with some additional features) without the ones about the transferring resources.
    Thank you.

sounds like stalking. :confused:

so you’re barring your teammates from leaving, no matter what the cause is?

and besides, you can just have sent a mail to each and every new member of your team when they join.

it’s easier that way to keep track of who’s who. -that’s what one of my alt’s team started doing after an espionage -so they say- regarding atlas.

This seems like a weirdly specific situation though, lol. Can just message them and take note of that name whenever you get a new applicant?

…espionage? LOL.

Spill the tea :smiley:

idk for sure. they say that happened long before my alt joined that team. :man_shrugging:t2:


I only see useless things here no one really needs. Leaders know how long players on the team, dont need ingame stuff added.

There are definitely some players sending their alt in the opposite faction to spy on them

hmm idk.

i asked a bit more on details and i heard their castle coords and the active timezone were the targets when that happened.

result, a few of their castles taken as they were mainly from one country. -not enough players for defense during their common sleeping hours.

so i guess

is true for real.

:thinking: now that i think… am i a spy too? i also play both sides as i have two mid 500s, one on each side, just to play with both childhood buddies and college buddies… and a few semi-close & distant family members. :grin:


Definitely sounds like stalking, but with extra steps

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