Highlights on PG’s Progression Rate Improvements to WD

Just a quick recap on what we, all, can expect from PG’s latest updates in game that are coming this week. Saves you from epic reading, hopefully! :wink::hatched_chick::wilted_flower:

Don’t trust my words? Of course you can always read the original article here: https://wardragons.com/blog/176/progression-rate-improvements-coming-to-war-dragons



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Awesome poster. Hope it’s ok that I have shared it with my teammates on line. :sunglasses:

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Go ahead. Feel free to do so. :wilted_flower::slight_smile:

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“ As part of Progression Rate Improvements coming to the game, we plan to discount the amount of food and experience needed for leveling up dragons in the affected tiers by the same amount. ”

The XP and food amounts are listed. They’re the same %s

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