Highway Robbery

PG don’t you think your going a little too far on the greediness. First you say sorry we can only take off so many dragon runes and then you take away runic chests. But wait it gets better… let’s bring back runic chests but charge 50% more to open. Are you kidding me with these prices.


But someone wanted the runic chests back. We should be happy.


In all fairness, PG did remove the rare runes so you might actually like them depending on how many mythic ballista runes or enervating runes you want.


Half of the junk has been taken out of the chests, so the prices got doubled. Well, that’s not really an improvement, but whatever. I have never bought one, and it’s unlikely to change.

To the OP:

Where is the suggestion in your post?


Yeesh. 35k rubies for $100, and 10 runic chests for 12k. So even at their cheapest, a runic chest is priced at more than $3. Almost $7 if you buy the chests one at a time.

So there’s a REALLY good chance that if you bought a chest, you’d be spending $7 for a SINGLE EPIC RUNE.


sounds like a good deal :+1:t2:

I think they’re actually suggesting we rob people on highways in order to buy these chests. No? Then I have no clue

Seriously though, no one was really buying this garbage before and the prices were WAYYYYY too high so clearly the solution is to increase the prices by 50%.


Kinda same as with “hats generation speed for troops has been increased so the glory requirements were increased as well” :woman_shrugging: nothing is for free or at a goodwill here.

Be it only legendary and mythic for this price - then yes. And only if no trash like ballista/lightning etc. Other from that, not tempting at all.

edit. Drop rates doubled means nothing. Doubled from what to what? From 1% to 2%? Meh.
Doubled from 25% to 50% - then we can talk some business.

edit2. Give me my free daily silver chests instead of those.

edit3. Player Happiness initiatives goes great :raised_hands:

I’d like to confirm that I was against them coming back, since I was quoted here. As I posted somewhere else (not on this forum) :

“More outrageous price, for something (removing rares) that ought to have been done for runic chests at 8k from the beginning…
As usual they give with one hand and take back with the other… :no_mouth:

I won’t buy this. My rubies are for a future Mythic, not for a chance of subpar runes…


Next PG Announcement: Seasonal mythics will also now require the purchase of 100 runic chests


Didn’t mean to quote you, just that you were the last post in the thread that I had read so it remembered when I copied the link. Will try to fix.

Edit - All set. Sorry about that

If anyone gets a ammo rune for hunters let me know how much you spent to get it

If runes were REMOVABLE… they’d be worth every penny. but since they are not, this is not a good deal at all if you ask me.


Runes give you big buff post spell scaling. What are you waiting for?

PG wants you to succeed and be more competitive.


My question is whether or not the runes are relevant to those dragons that are relevant in-game. The last thing I need is a Mythic Northern Lights or Regeneration or Healing Mark or Earthquake… Well you get the idea.


PG pretty much never admits to a design error. So they remove rares (which shouldn’t have been there in the first place), but jack up the price to compensate. What they fail to understand is the chests were weak and overpriced to begin with. They seem to have addressed the weak part, but went the wrong way on price (as they always do)

People asked for the runic chests not because they want to pay a small fortune for them, but they are one of the few ways to get runes for Lineage dragons.


Alright WD players, everyone look under their seat…
You get a mythic ice flak resist
and you get a mythic ice flak resist
and she gets a mythic ice flak resist

Disclaimer: mythic ice flak resists can no longer be destroyed for rune dust

I need a mythic storm cannon frenzy. Very badly.


I didn’t assume you did it on purpose, no worries, I just had a split second of “wut?!” and I wanted to avoid any confusion :wink:
I’ve made mistakes ingame and I assume them, but I won’t assume other’s :joy:

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I’ll reserve final judgment until I see exactly what runes are available but this seems absolutely absurdly priced.

I would kind of get it if this was going to be a permenant fixture as you would eventually have all the mythics you want. But baring in mind the rest of the ruby intensive stuff we need to use them on I don’t know what I could justify spending 16k rubies on at all. 8k was a huge investment for a non spender. Even if the product is better that 16k could get me 40 gold chests.

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@Arelyna @PGCrisis I ask that you convey the message to your pricing team that these are uneconomical and turn people off spending rubies on them. Unless they were all legendaries, this price is ridiculous. It was already overpriced before the removal of rares. Keeping it same price as before barely brings it back into economical status.

As it stands this change will not drive different buying behaviour.