Hildr nerf in new update?


Anyone else notice Hildr not doing the right amount of damage? Specifically Static Blast…

Did PG secretly increase Ragnarok damage?

Maybe he caught the Corthanak flu :thinking:


Can you elaborate more?

Hildr is listed as 6% HP here. Should be added to normal shot.



What makes you say that?


Corth never got the flu.


His static blast is having issues with lvl 58 towers, boosted drag at 1.5 bil…invader base. I had no issues prior to update dropping in 1 shot.


Didn’t he have that bug that caused his ghostfire blast to not deal as much as damage as it should be? I was referring to that 0-0




All leg. Not maxed but still. Max rider.


I mean in percentage, both yours and the target.
Also, possibility of Rune Buff too.


Sorry he’s 1.8 not 1.5…



Oh, thought you implied that they nerfed his ghostlike blast (which they didn’t).

Gear actually applied to his ghostfire blast bc the damage applies attack damage to it (for all freeze variants), so his ghostfire damage scaled with attack gear (it now scales with health gear too.

There are two bugs that I know of that causes reduction or absence of damage damage. The first one is from casting the spell to quickly after queuing it, causing the spell to deliver a normal attack’s worth of damage (normal swipe, or tap attack).
The other one delivers 0 damage and there was a big thread on it that the second cast didn’t deal damage (not sure what’s caused it :man_shrugging:t3:)
Since hildr’s spell has a cd, I don’t think think the latter one applies in this situation


Invader base…no buffs. 58 towers and my own 59s…


Can you give screen shots of the damage done to towers from the static?



Hard to see front right tower buts similar to the rest, hard to take too :joy:




Those towers are 59s. My invader base…