Hildr nerf in new update?


Last question how much damage does a normal swipe attack do?


Looks like 3.2 per swipe per tower…so no issue there…?


I think he means an actual number. Not a swipes/tower


3.2 per hit if one tower…


Thought I got it…trying again :man_facepalming:


This is why I was asking.

Is you’re pic of hildr with her boosted? Bc the damage is coming up a little short.


Took. Forever…but I got it and was off its 3.6 per hit on swipe.

But swipe not the issue it’s static blast…




All I’m saying is she’s feeling off. Just since update, last night she flew just fine before I updated.


Definitely appreciate you guys looking at it. :hugs:


It appears it got reduced in the spell scaling?

Sorry for the mess, yellow is static blast at .08
Light green is at that .08 reduced by 30%

Which makes no* sense bc it’s not* on the list of spells reduced:


Unless I’m blind, I believe that says static shied, not static blast.

Also the swipe damage was 3.647m, not 3.467m. Is still strange tbh.


Don’t worry, I’m the blind one. Was looking for static and I found it.

@PGLawson is there a reason static blast is Not matching?


Ooh so happy to read this I thought it was just me :slight_smile:


Hey all,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. It does appear that Hildr’s Static Blast spell was scaled along with the other spells in January, but I am confirming with our team that this is the case to be 100% sure.


The OP’s complaint is that there was a recent change. Could it be related to how Surt’s Ragnarok damage was suddenly increased?


It’s very possible! I honestly don’t know at the moment. I don’t want to confirm anything until the team’s had a chance to investigate why this may have only appeared recently.


So I see surt got renerfed promptly any word on fixing hildr ?


Following. Losing the ability to 1 shot invader islands unboosted is painfully obvious… Interested to see what is happening