Hildr or Jarl: that is the question?

I’ll have about 9k sigils to spend and I’ve all ready got Gunnar which is awesome but would be much better with mythic Hunters Mark Rune and Ammo Regen boost. I don’t have Malus or Ammo runes so I’m SOL in that area.

I’ll be able to get Sapphire stone on one more Dragon and I’m wanting another dragon to go with my Gunnar (Platinum Stone, soon Sapphire) and Björn (First page only).

But I’m not sure which is better?
we know what video was released about the dragon that shall not be named. I was previously going to wait for Festive but now I’m mixed between Hildr and Jarl

Hilder seems kinda cool but I don’t like bright dragons, I like my dragons Dark and Morbid like Gunnar, Pathox, Somnus ect.

Jarl looks awesome in appearance. I’m understanding that it’s not the best dragon but neither is Hildr from what I’ve heard and Hildr seems to be very repetitive and could easily get boring for me, besides I all ready have a great Divine Sorcerer (Somnus).

I don’t have that many Warriors and even though I love Cavaleris and his Invincibility I’m wanting a cooler looking dragon like Jarl:

As you can see he looks quite dark and I like that, and below his soells are decent but nothing fancy which is fine:

His DOT passive Piliaging Flames is similar to Pathox DOT:

I’m obviously leaning towards Jarl but need to ask what everyone else is doing and thinks my best course of action is?
Is Hildr good enough to pass on JARL?

I like how Jarl looks more than Hildr and prefer another warrior over Sorcerer this season as I have Somnus already. What do you all think about these two dragons? And what are you getting?

I would use the 3rd option and continue with Gunnar until the last prize in gold boxes.


Wait for Festive :partying_face:

I’m planning on getting sapphire stone but 9k sigils won’t get me very far on Gunnar but will get me a new dragon to sapphire stone which I consider decent since I’m only in Green tier ATM and will be in gold as soon as I breed whale and consergens in the next couple breeding events.
Really depends if I have enough time during next breed to get yersinu with Danzig + Ettin for 45k :eggtoken: and get Yersinu to breeding level 12 and still have enough :eggtoken: to breed Whale and Cons with Yersinu + Munin for 100k :eggtoken:

I only have 105k :eggtoken: and 74 mystic frags and I’m not sure that’s enough to breed Whale? And I’m not sure I’ll be able to get Yersinu to breeding in time to get Whale even if I had enough?

So do you think it could be beneficial for me to get a second dragon? I really do want another Divine even if it’s only to sapphire which is almost a year away for me. I know maxing a branch gives better prizes but I can’t really max Gunnar branch anyways and wouldn’t likely get those gold Chests at bottom.
I only average 2k sigils per event and that’s when I do well.

I’m hearing the festive is garbage though? Unless PG fixes it before releasing him

Most seasons i would recommend getting two dragons, both to around platinum or sapphire if you are still in green.

This season however, Gunnar is a fantastic dragon and 9k sigils will get you well on your way to the mythic glyph as well as the gold chest section of the branch.

I’d hold out for seeing exactly how many sigils you can get this season, then decide in the very last event what you want to do. There is not very much benefit to getting something right away, but if you are in green then maybe you can use the dragon and it will actually make a difference in the short term…But i’d still wait til the last event of the season to see if you can’t get Gunnar up to that gold chest section.


Get the gold chests after emerald on Gunnar. You won’t use the sapphire stone for a long time yet. But you’ll use the chests.

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Get Gunnar’s full line. We still have 8 events left in season that’s 16k sigils for you. Other dragons are trashy, spend any excess on festive dragon or rider for extra atlas missions.

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Just wait until everything is released

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Thanks for the input everyone and thank you Mech for the reply.
@mechengg how do I get ammo runes? Am I better off getting Malus next season with blue rider shards from WinterJól badges?
Are ammo runes or Malus better on Gunnar than other runes?
And would you say the ammo Regen us needed for Gunnar?

I’ve spent 9k sigils or so on Gunnar to get 2 from Sapphire that leaves about 23k sigils to max Gunnar. I’m not sure I’ll get him finished?

You could still try your best. The massive amounts of gold chests further along in his line will help you progress in the game if you open them wisely.

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To my knowledge there’s no such thing as an ammo regen rune. After you put Malus/ whatever atlas rider on him, you may find that seasonal hunter attack glyphs are better value. Though I suppose Gunn does depend on his first volley of shots?

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What kind of Ammo runes are there? Increased ammo? I seen a video talking about mythic ammo runes.
I basically only have a few legendary runes but mostly ones put on base and a crap ton of Epic/Commons.

I’ll do my best to max Gunnar and if I find I don’t have enough to get the goodies since I don’t get many points on PVPs I’ll take Mechs advise and get a second dragon and Gunnar to Sapphire Stone.
Thanks for your advise :hugs:

Ahh I thought you were a little further than that… platinum comes faster than you think I wouldn’t want you to get there and have no divines past that stone when you outgrow plat. I think the rewards towards the end of the line outweigh just getting another dragon to plat stone since you will outgrow that pretty quick.
My cav is only at plat and I’m entering it now which will make him obsolete by the end of this season.

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Legendary Rage runes with +1 ammo secondary.
Legendary ammo runes with +1 ammo
Mythic ammo runes with +2 ammo


I know I’ll hate not getting better stones for Gunnar since I do love him. Maybe I’ll spend my leftovers on another dragon after festive has been used and well known.
I guess it will depend on how many Super Sigil Chests I’ll be able to get. I only have 2k rubies. I have this bad habit of getting heal pots with rubies :unamused: so I can fly each day to do multipliers and :eggtoken: missions 🤦🤷

Ember is your best friend for egg missions

  1. craft them with speeds
  2. use ember
  3. open chests.

I feel you though. I have 200 and am getting hau this breed :upside_down_face:

And don’t get ss chests, get golds.

Amo runes are like SUPER rare. Grab them when you can :eyes:

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