Hildr or Jarl: that is the question?


Amo runes are like SUPER rare. Grab them when you can :eyes:


Open silvers and wish for good luck, the same as everyone else. How do you think anyone gets the good runes if not from events?

I mean…just count the frags? Maybe open chests?


You can get them from runic chests when they’re out. Usually you can get them during PvP events after PG rereleases them.
And silver chests I guess.


I was kind of hoping there was a special opportunity to get those runes each season 🤷


Everyone wants them; but if you already have a +1 ammo via an Atlas rider, a seasonal mythic glyph for hunter attack likely deals more damage.

Otherwise…events, maybe? I just got a legendary rage glyph off feeding, which was nice :slight_smile:


Ahh so they are available at special events. That’s good to know. Is the requirements steep? Like will I need to be in the top 20 teams? Or are they easy to obtain in certain PVPS?


Don’t buy runic chests. They’re a premium version of silver chests.

There are NO special events for you to get them; please stop only seeing what you want to see.


Yeah i got a mythic ragevbut forget where. I hope they allow us to remove runes/glyphs from dragons in the future. I have made some mistakes and when you put a Mythic on the wrong dragon and realized later another rune would benefit that dragon much more, it kind of sucks.
Obviously I should be careful in the future but it’s common to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them as we go along.


“Stop seeing what I want to see” I’m no t seeing what I want to see I’m just gathering info based on what others have said.

You said you got a glyph from feeding and another said they got a rune from PVPs so naturally I assumed it’s special times during select events?? Anyways I’ve seen them in event prizes but at the bottom which is off limits to me.


I have one ammo glyph only one ever and was from team achievement in the very first Kingdom Wars


Ammo runes just give you extra starting ammo, they don’t affect ammo regen. I believe I got mine through runic chests, through they have very rarely been offered as prizes for events


So how many taps is +1?
Including 2-3 finger taps?


I think it’s one extra tap, but don’t quote me on that


I believe it would be one additional tap… as indicated by the +1 amo description.


But don’t forget there is research to increase hunter ammo as well


Is that for 3 fingers it is there a difference? I think I’ve noticed it go down faster when I tap with 3 vs 1 fingers


That’s because 3 fingers use up 3 shots worth of the amo bar.


Each tap = 1 shot of the dragon. When you use multiple fingers you’re using extra ammo


You would think they would include stuff like this in game? I’m just about to research gold ammo in research


Hmm, yes, in game descriptions would be helpful :laughing: and the gold hunter amo research is sooooo worth it :eyes: