Hildr or Jarl: that is the question?


Yes it is! I’m so glad when I finally decided to go for the green eggs to get that done :laughing: I’d been stupid/stubborn and held off on getting it for far too long.


Start saving those rubies if you really want Gunnar maxed. I find only going for one dragon each event helps curb my splurging of rubies plus you get to keep that dragon for a while longer. Unless you start grinding hardcore I don’t think you’ll make it in one breed event. I hope you also got the token boost which helps you with tokens all season.


The runic chests replace silver chests during PvP events. You can buy them using rubies in the armory section where you get gold chests.


Always FINISH one full dragon line before starting a new one is my rule of thumb. On top of that Gunnar is a great dragon.

We are still early into the season you should have no problem finishing him. I finished my divines even when I was in Green tier with my alt account (lesson learned). Anything left over try to get the first page of a rider (you can forge gear when you have Atlas) instead of another unfinished dragon.

Much better to have one complete dragon instead of a bundle of them that you will have to bin sooner than you think. Plus all the gold chests and other prizes at the end of the line will set you up a bit for next season.

  1. Damn that sucks, I hope I get Yersinu to breeding at least to get half way to whale.
  2. Yes I’ve had token boost and could get 125% if I want but I don’t think it’s that much more but never had it to see the difference.


I’m gonna try to max Gunnar as far as I can. I do like him I just need to finish ammo research and possibly get some decent runes on him and maybe a decent rider that isn’t garbage like the generic red rider shard atlas ones.

I am very much lacking in the rune/glyph department and I’m asking how to get them because I’ve only got 2 legendary runes since I started playing about 5-6 months ago.
And when I have gotten them it’s ones I don’t need or want.
I do have one mythic rage rune but it’s on Gunnar and I feel I should have saved it for someone else? Live and learn.


Have spells been released or any info on the festive?


Finishing the full line isn’t really idea for someone in green tier.
They probably do not have a lot of good strong divines. The last few stones very expensive!
They could get stone up to Sapphire/Garnet, egg boost and rider rather then spending sigils on stones they won’t be using for years lol


Maybe look for a good team? You’ll get a decent amount off team achievements and individual prizes.
A lot of base runes but still will have dragons ones too.

And of course the atlas riders in the line are the best but it’s more about the gear, craft good gear don’t stop until legendary and start leveling :+1:


Officially no, unofficially yes, look around on YouTube Odin’s channel and elsewhere, we can’t post it here until 2 weeks from today. But it’s in the game files.


Green tier is a pretty quick breeze you get out of there pretty quick. So I wouldn’t recommend making decisions based on that.

I went from Red tier to Sapphire in under 6 month with my alt without spending. My first Divine was Zamrok and definitely benefited in finishing him. I managed to finish a full line every Season at low level without a problem and like I said I’m not slender. Just elite…

With my main I did all the noob mistakes. Had a whole bunch of divines missing stones. Compared to my alt account experience I definitely saw not benefits in having a bunch of limited temporary dragons.


So um… Hildr or Jarl? Which one is more powerful?


Wait for the festive in a few weeks and pray that they fix that abomination and make a decision then


Ok, so does going for the new rider, then saving up my sigils sound like a good idea?


That’s what Im doing, though I dont have high hopes of them fixing the festive so I have no clue what I’ll probably end up doing with the rest of my sigils this season

The festive gets officially revealed in 2 weeks so that’s plenty of time to rethink that mess and change it :crossed_fingers:


Yeah I’d wait until everything is released so you can know what the best dragon/rider that sigils can buy
So far I say the best legendary is Gunnar


Yeah I’m gonna max Gunnar I have sapphire stone and that’s fine for me. I won’t have enough sigils to get next stone but I have Jarl to green.
What sucks for me is the lineage dragons at my level. They really suck, I’m sure they where awesome back in the day but with flaks and turrets they have no way of casting spells especially sorcerer’s.
So I’m relying on my divines until I get to Platinum/Sapphire where the better spells are at. But it’s not just getting those dragons it’s leveling them, I’m sure that will take longer than 2 seasons for me.
I only average 5h per day so I’m lucky to max my gold’s before I end up getting my first Platinum.
I have Jarl to Green Stone and I’m very happy with my purchase.
He is very fun and powerful at my level that passive Piliaging Flames buffing his flamethrower and Shield does a ton of burst damage and clears level 110 bases kill island and I’m only level 87.

I originally wanted the Festive Hunter but after seeing how crappy it was I don’t have much faith it will be fixed.

I want to thank everyone for the advice and I’ll do my best to use it. I appreciate the help.


Runic chests are long gone, only silver chests now

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