Hildr Spear Salvo bug?

It has never occurred to me before but lately when I use Hildr, spear salvo won’t fire when towers are low in health and grey. Any grey health, neither does the dodo fire at the tower nor does the game let me cast spear salvo. I have to swipe it down with norm attacks, which is pretty slow.

This can’t be intended can it? Is there any way to fix it?

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i haven’t the issue, nor does anyone i know. best to ask pg to look at it via ticket or on here

Do you have any video? Distance?

I keep forgetting to make videos. The distance was definitely in normal range right smack in front of me. It happened at the back of a long island flying up on a tower. The dodo stops attacking towers it passed up but the tower was definitely still in front of it yet.
I’ll have to remember a video if it happens again.

Was it against Shrine guardian?

It was in pvp event but a player.

This is happening to me too. Specially if the tower got a perch-shield bonus. After hitting it with static blast. Tower will be on grey health, spear salvo won’t hit it, even if it is the last tower in the island.

This is easier to be showed when Kinnarus fly near to the end of the base.
If you shot a earthquake spell, dodo will assume the buildings would be destroyed and wait for the spell landing instead of fire at the buildings

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This is what i was going to suggest. once a tower is “marked” to be destroyed by a spell or lock on swipe attack, summons will not fire at it anymore. Maybe it’s the same for spear salvo to reduce the random wasting of bolts?


One problem with this is if the marked tower managed to stay alive (e.g. due to shield / hammer / tower ward), or even get restored to full.

Perhaps give timers to the mark, so that if the marked tower isn’t killed (insert duration) after getting marked, the mark is expired.


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