Hints and tips for Atlas


@PGDave and @PGEggToken and @PGJared , can we have some sort of post made with starter information for atlas, hints and tips, when and what we do to access it, what to try and avoid, that sort of stuff, been looking at the forums and can not find anything apart from players actual input about it.



I see people asking for an Atlas guide a lot but the problem is that it’s constantly changing. I have had to scrap my team wiki pages multiple times. Atlas is usually extremely overwhelming to players new to it and trying to make a guide now would be a massive undertaking. Particularly since not everyone has Atlas available in front of them and can’t follow along. Discussion about Atlas is in a restricted access part of the forum. The devs are quite active there but only a few can see it

I can try and answer more specific questions but I’m really not up to making a guide for the general public at this point. I tend to get too technical for most people and that would probably make them even more overwhelmed lol


Anything that helps a new player who has never seen it get a start of knowing what to expect instead of waking up one day with this new feature and no clue where to start.


Uhh ok well I have no clue what you know about this already so I’m gonna just explain like you know nothing

The basic idea is you and your team compete with other teams to try and control high level territory in order to gain better rewards. Territory is broken down into regions and castles (formerly islands/continents), with 3-4 castles per region. You get some daily tokens depending on what you own and the refinery building gives bonuses to the shards needed to craft rider gear. Most of your daily stuff is gonna be centered around training troops (formerly ships) and gathering gold to upgrade infrastructure. Infrastructure includes the bank I talked about in another thread and the fort which can grant combat bonuses to your troops and those of allies stationed at that castle. Troops are important for combat. Whether or not you can beat someone’s base is only part of the equation. Another is the primarchs. These are essentially leaders for your troops and different ones have different stats and abilities. For most teams, having allies or at least non-aggression agreements will be essential and as leadership you can expect to spend a lot of time trying to keep a leash on your players because it’s annoyingly easy for people to unintentionally get in the way


I’ve tried to make a similar how-to heads up for my team, when they get access. (I have an alt in the beta) At this point, a broad overview is really all that can be made, as the details have changed dramatically over time, and are still under revision/fine tuning.

Atlas expands the world from our bases - islands isolated from each other - to continents made up of multiple territories. Territories range from neutral (no pvp) zones to highly contested high level zones with correspondingly high rewards earned for conquering them and maintaining control. Think of it as a mixture of the strategic elements of Risk or other conquering based board games, with the King of the Hill PVP events, but all the time.
Atlas keeps the aspects of the game we love - flying against other peoples bases - in this case to conquer new territory or defend our own in addition to simply battling each other for fun and profit.
The primary additions of interest to new players are poachers and gold mines. They are equivalent to the daily quests in other games, you attack them for rider gear crafting materials and gold. When flying against those, you fly against an automatically generated ‘Invader’ base that matches your level, and quite frankly, is easy max XP.
The Atlas addition taken in total adds an immense amount of detail to the game, layers on layers of strategy and tactics.
And as Shimo said, inter-team cooperation can play a major role as well. Allying with the right teams can make a huge difference.


PG posted this to Facebook about Atlas now I am getting a little excited


You guys seem to be way more excited about this than I am lol. I have always hated the beta and probably always will. I don’t do this social, alliance-building thing. I’ll leave that to other people :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The atlas update for Platinium Teams like yours, Bulldog will take a while. Atlas is taking in Higher leagues first


I know , but I can act like a kid waiting for Christmas , wanting an iPhone x but getting an android phone lol


Be happy you get a Phone atleast :wink:


This is part of the reason why, but we’re closer now than ever before to a point where things can settle down a bit more. Work is being done on a new tutorial to onboard folks into Atlas when they first join, and it’s not connected to the rest of the Atlas map so you won’t be as likely to get stuck for silly reasons (remember when you HAD to conquer a continent to be able to donate to a bank? I wish I didn’t).


Was referring to guides made by players for those with no beta access. Making a guide for people who do have access is easier and far less overwhelming for the reader. I like being informed and try to help keep others informed but there’s a point where things become highly impractical. I know the old tutorial went away with the cosmetic overhaul and I’m glad you guys are working on a new one. It is sorely needed.

I’m not sure I ever finished the tutorial because of the bank mission :joy:


I’m pretty sure just a super basic how to guide would be useful. Like… key screenshots. I’m actually working on something for my team because I’m lucky enough to have found a place to stash a mini that has beta access in order to help prep my team for Atlas. Being in Sapphire II means we should have Atlas around Thanksgiving or sooner. But, I was super lost when I started beta. And all I needed was a few basics and then the rest was semi easy to figure out.


In regards to becoming allies with other teams, do those teams have to be in the same league?


No, you can ally with any Atlas team you can make an agreement with. I would like to point out though that the game currently lacks much in the way of gameplay features related to allies. It’s been very common for allies to accidentally attack or otherwise get in each other’s way even when trying to help. Fun times for leadership lol


Does this mean that there’s nothing in-game to formalize alliances - how teams just agree not to attack/war each other like they do currently outside of beta?


Correct. Nothing stops you from attacking a member of an alliance team, other than the shame and humiliation of being called out in Team Chat when you’re done (and other penalties, depending…)


Essentially yes. Every other team is marked red on the map and with 10, 20, maybe even 30 teams in an alliance sometimes people forget that they’re not supposed to hit that team when they see someone red coming. And if more than one team is present at a location the area is non-functional until there is only one team. You’ve got an ally at your castle helping to protect it? Can’t use your bank, can’t summon your primarch after you’ve been wiped out. Sharing a region and its single mine? Only one team can use it at a time. And if there’s even one person who is in the way your only choices are wait until they move or kill them. Even just trying to pass through allied territory can be difficult. You can put troops in the garrison at a castle and they’ll delay players from any other teams entering your territory. Now since the game doesn’t have any real sort of way to designate allies that means all your buddies are gonna get hung up too and the delay is like 5hrs. There is a function to give safe passage to (and share your fort’s combat bonus with) a limited number of teams based on the level of your fort but with the aforementioned size of alliances that can be an issue

If it sounds like I’m ranting I absolutely am. But hopefully in an informative manner? :joy:


haha, definitely still helpful, just seems odd that it’s not in the game, but maybe it’ll get added later on. It’d add a lot.

Atops, thanks too :smiley:


Thanks Shimo :v:This is really helpful. So is there a time in the beta forum this is expected to kick off?