Hitchhiker's Guide to the Atlas Events Galaxy 🛸

So you wanna be an (Atlas) idol? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::studio_microphone::notes: Never fear! The guide to Atlas events (that nobody asked for) is here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Aaanyways, Atlas is like a never ending board game :chess_pawn::game_die::world_map:

Current cadence of events:

:crossed_swords: Fight for Glory :crossed_swords: > :guardswoman: Troop Training :guardswoman: > :shield: Training Camp :shield: > :guardswoman: Troop Training :guardswoman:

Troop Training will always be the event between the other two events. It’s the easiest event out of the three and gives a nice break so let’s start with that :sunglasses::beach_umbrella::tropical_drink:

Troop Training

:guardsman: Troop Training :guardsman: is really really simple.

:small_red_triangle:Revive 4,000 Troops :ghost: > :guardswoman:
:small_red_triangle:Build 800 Troops :guardswoman:

Aaand done! Easy peasy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

  • It’s better to Revive Troops during this event as that gives lots more points. So if there aren’t any Troops to Revive, feel free to head to Aligane to send some Troops to the Revive box :white_heart: :hospital::ambulance:

  • Also, make sure there aren’t too many Troops in the Revive box. There’s a limit to how many Troops can be Revived (limit based on player level). If the Revive box :white_heart: :hospital: is full :grimacing: any Troops destroyed after that will be lost forever :cry: So keep track of the Revive box as you destroy Prims in Aligane :+1:t2:

Fight for Glory

Glory Hunt :crossed_swords::fire::crossed_swords:

:small_red_triangle: Build 1,600 Troops :guardsman:

  • There’s a huge discount on Building Troops during this event :bangbang:SALE :bangbang: You can build 1,600 troops for 1.2M Gold. So use this time to beef up your cannon fodder :muscle:t2:

:small_red_triangle: Hunt for glory either through:

  • Aligane
  • Glory swapping (ask leadership if they can add you to any glory swap chats or try asking in League Chats to find a glory swap partner)
  • Raids (ask your team on when they are planning for raids)
  • Snipes (request targets from leadership)

:rotating_light: Every team has their preferred method for players to obtain glory. Please check with your respective leaderships before going for glory :rotating_light:

Noboros-2 X: 234.5 Y: -166.6

  • Glory percentage: 100% Glory.
  • Player level: 10%~15% range around your own level.
  • Prim type: Destroyer :blue_heart: & Sieger :green_heart: for attacking :crossed_swords: … Trapper :purple_heart: and Taunter :heart: for defending :shield:
  • Prim tier: Bronze :3rd_place_medal: vs Bronze :3rd_place_medal: … Silver :2nd_place_medal: vs Silver :2nd_place_medal:
  • Prim level: Hit a Prim of similar level with similar AP :crossed_swords: and DP :shield:
  • Prim Attack & Defense Power: Prims Attack Power :crossed_swords: > Defense Power :shield: of target Prim :dart:
  • Number of Troops: Pick a target that has at least 5k Troops :dart:
  • Load 3-5k Troops

There’ll be lots of Prims in Aligane around this time so you’ll never run out of targets :dart::joy:

Check out Nidogod’s Glory Calculator

Training Camp

Training Camp combines two activities: :shield: Gear Crafting :shield:and :trophy: Rider Training :trophy:

:shield: Gear Crafting :shield:

Fire up the Forge :fire::hammer_and_pick::fire:

:small_red_triangle: Upgrade :diamonds: Elite gear :diamonds:only
:small_red_triangle: Craft gear

  • Gear comes in 5 elements: Earth :mountain: Ice :snowflake: Dark :cyclone: Wind :tornado: Fire :fire:

  • Each element has Offensive (for flying) :dragon: and Defensive (for base) :european_castle: gear sets

  • A complete set has 8 pieces of gear: boots :boot: chestplate :coat: gloves :gloves: helmet :rescue_worker_helmet: pants :jeans: ring :ring: shield :shield: weapon :dagger:

  • Every time you craft, there’s a chance to get a piece of gear of a certain rarity: Rare < :large_blue_diamond: Epic :large_blue_diamond: < :large_orange_diamond: Legendary :large_orange_diamond: < :diamonds: Elite :diamonds:

  • Scrap any gear below Elite :wastebasket::put_litter_in_its_place:

  • Try to forge :diamonds: Elite gear :diamonds: for all the elements or for the perch dragons, Divines or Mythic dragons of that season

  • It’s better to equip gear on riders bonded to dragons that you’re gonna use for a very long time. Otherwise, you’ll end up wasting rubies :ruby: to move gear around.

  • For perches, ideally you want to stick to an element for each perch. Let’s say that you have fire :fire: and earth :mountain: element dragons on the first two perches. Then, you may want to keep replacing those perch dragons with higher tier fire :fire: and earth :mountain: dragons. This way, you can just bond the rider to the new dragon without unequipping gear.

:trophy: Rider Training :trophy:

:small_red_triangle: Level up Riders
:small_red_triangle: Hire Riders

  • Points apply for training/hiring Atlas riders costing :large_blue_circle: Blue Rider shards as well as Seasonal riders costing sigils

  • Try to wait for Training Camp to roll around before hiring or training any riders if you can

  • After hiring the four Atlas riders costing :red_circle: Red Rider shards (Warrior, Vanquisher, Conqueror, Defender), you might want to focus on hiring the ones costing :large_blue_circle: Blue Rider shards.

  • Blue Rider shards can be found in the Atlas Rider branch. Completing this branch will net you 500 Atlas :large_blue_circle: Blue Rider shards which is enough to hire one rider. Don’t worry if you can’t finish the branch as :large_blue_circle: blue rider shards carry over into the next Season. So you can keep saving blue rider shards.

  • You might want to focus on getting a defensive rider for your perch first. Just a suggestion though. Totally up to you :wink:

  • Most players will get the Defender first (mostly for the Construction cost reduction), but once you have 500 Blue Rider shards, you may want to look at some other riders that are specific to your Kill island layout.
    :european_castle: Defender (-12% Building Upgrade Time)
    :european_castle: Crom (General Base HP and ATK Boost)
    :european_castle: Kasima (Flaks)
    :european_castle: Ryva (Lightning + Mages)

  1. Defender

Check out Morrein’s website for more info Defender – Neon War Dragons

  1. Crom

Check out Morreion’s website for more info Crom – Neon War Dragons

  1. Kasima

Check out Morreion’s website for more info Kasima – Neon War Dragons

  1. Ryva

Check out. Morreion. Go :sunglasses: :joy: Ryva – Neon War Dragons

  • Even after you get a better defensive rider, it’s still good to keep the Defender on an empty perch to take advantage of the -12% building time reduction. Pls ignore this if you have Sola :laughing:

And that wraps up our Hitchhiking journey :world_map: :tent::evergreen_tree:

Outside of events, always: :recycle:

  • Build 800 Troops
  • Craft gear
  • Send Riders on Rider Missions
  • Hunt for Glory as needed (pls check with your team)

Do the specific activities when the particular event rolls around.

One last thing…Check the amount of time left for the Atlas event :bangbang: :flushed: You do NOT want to be upgrading or reviving anything outside of these events :laughing: :wave:t2: Goodbye diamonds :diamond: and timers :timergold:

You can find the countdown timer below the Atlas Event banner:

As well as in the Atlas Event page:

:small_red_triangle: There used to be a Primarch Training event, but not anymore. So feel free to upgrade your Prims whenever you have enough Gold/Glory :smiley:

Feel free to ask your team or the very helpful people in the Forums if you have any doubts about Atlas.

That’s all folks :dog: :orange_heart:


Thanks for this guide, Valk :slight_smile:

For the glory event, I would add glory swapping, raiding and sniping as options.

For glory swaps, players can reach out to their respective leaderships to connect them to glory swapping chats their level or, they can test their luck in LC

For raids + snipes, request targets from leadership or ask for when raids are going to be planned.

Every team has their own preference for how their players obtain glory; passive, defensive ones tend to prefer their players stick swapping, pirate teams encourage sniping, offense-oriented ones raid. Aligane is all well and good until your castles are actually under attack and your defense banner becomes a needless distraction for your teammates when they need to be focused on protecting their turf.


Thanks Marsh :hugs: I’ve updated the guide.


Well written and a great tool. Thanks

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Great post, something I’ll add is that unless necessary you should only use bullhorns during Glory event as you get the same 2x bonus. As you mentioned I build during the Glory & Gear events and fill up my hospital and then just revive during Troop. E works well especially during PvP when shields are up.

Also, with so many “abandoned” T4s they are great places to glory swap especially with an alt as no matter the level they guarantee 100% glory.

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Thanks for the feedback :hugs:

Is there a standard way to use bullhorns? Asking because I really don’t know :sweat_smile: I’ve just been saving bullhorns to revive troops for the Troop Training event. Although we can use bullhorns to build 2x troops during the Glory event, we don’t get prizes for building troops and might lead to a shortage of bullhorns during Troop Training? :eyes: I’ll probably leave the use of bullhorns to the player’s discretion.

Do you mean Atlas Elite? If yes, then should probably be left to the player’s discretion as well :upside_down_face:

The reason I used Aligane was because it’s a neutral zone where any player can go regardless of alliances. Don’t want to accidentally send an angry horde to someone’s castle :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::grimacing: Still, it’s best for players to seek advice from their respective teams on where to go for glory.

On my alts without AE I find it easier to revive troops then build so there I only use bullhorns during glory to quickly replenish my losses. I can heal roughly 60k each week during troop training which leads to decent prizes. But that does require logging on for a few minutes every 4-5 hours to revive the next batch. With the free gold every 4h thru raid it’s cost neutral as well.

The E was a typo, meant to type It :man_facepalming:

I agree about asking your leadership team about hitting for glory but will say the T4s are mostly pirates so they don’t need an invitation to hit freely :pirate_flag:

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