Hitting towers on a different island Bug

(I am on mobile so cant see the bug button)
I can hit this flak tower from the middle long island.

Have not yet tried to use earthquake or other aoe spells but I think this should be looked at.

I’ve seen this done in a few places. I wasn’t sure if it was a bug a cheat or intentional. I’ve throughly tried casting noxious vines and it does cast but nothing is impacted.

There is also a place to hit from behind the second small island too.

I always thought killing the monument just below there was an intentional mechanic too, but it’s not allowed until you get within a certain distance. (It’s the only moment where you can kill it and debuff the island prior to hitting it)

That’s the trick shot spot. And thanks for pointing it out :roll_eyes:. Now PG will fix it and everyone will hate you


And killing monuments won’t debuff islands if I remember it correctly


I’m doubtful if it does, but it is SUPPOSED to remove buffs and runes from the island it buffs.

However runes still seem to apply to the entire base, and I do not notice any significant difference when killing the monument. (But i don’t notice much of a difference when killing a totem either)

So I think it is supposed to work but probably doesn’t.

How do you say it is supposed to remove buffs? Is it documented by PG anywhere that it is supposed to remove? Just seeking more clarity.

Someone in the old forum did the test about this. And they said it didn’t remove buff even after you destroyed the monument first

I believe it was in the old forums. I’m not
Sure it was a solid commitment either.

There are also a few visual
Indicators that show they had this in mind.

Yeah I remember reading it. I’ve also done my own tests thinking one of these updates may fix
It. Just like I keep expecting runes on other towers to stop applying to the entire base.

PG for sure confirmed that destroying the monument does not affect the buff to said island. I remember because I was quite sad at hearing this as previously (about a year prior) they had said that it does remove the buff.

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I knew about this, but I never thought it was a bug, more like a trick that experienced players knew. There’s two or three places where this happens, and each time it’s around a corner. I hope they won’t fix it, it’s something funny to do when you remember it… Not like it’s really impactful in any gameplay.

I thought you were going to talk about a visual bug in replay or a big “I-win-Kelvin” bug… But actually that’s not the case :joy: In my opinion a trick that’s been ingame forever, probably on purpose. If it weren’t they would have put invisible shield between islands…

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That’s what we thought about lightning going around the corner when you hit the monument…that is gone now.

There is another place where you can cross-shoot, i tried with FREEZE:

From the very first long island, before you start ascending to get over the cliff, you can hit the mini island with the purple altar. And it froze the towers. I assume it would work with any aoe spells.

And now I feel adventurous and want to try what happens if I hit the altar with a thunderbolt from that far. Would it spread to the 5 towers? :thinking:

edit: It doesn’t.

Hitting that one towers has always been possible and its a trick used fairly often. good way to keep a rage gain tower just in case. But it has been that way for years. nothing new.

As far as i know that’s the only tower you can do that with, and i don’t believe you can cast spells. no where can you cast AHEAD of where you are, only this one place where you can shoot back.

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Well now I admit it’s quite a problem if you can cast spells so much ahead. One tower you can touch may be intended, a whole island I doubt so…

why must you point this out that benefits the players? well this trick is going to go bye bye now just like the chain lightening hitting third monument and destroy the whole island. me sad :persevere::triumph:

4 towers were still surrounded by ice shards, I couldn’t hit the far right. I did it on Freexp280, I had only a split second to enjoy the view.

Why post? Why?? :zipper_mouth_face:


Various livestreams and videos have spread misinformation about monument destruction; the buffs continue to apply per CampusLifer and EggToken.



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