Hitting two buildings at once

I realise you can hit two buildings at once with a hunter dragon a few select places. So far i’ve seen two spots but i’ve been told there are more. Is there a video, thread or something else that shows these places?

Works with all spots also with warriors. Just hit directly between the towers

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But doesn’t warrior damage split?

Only when you use two fingers. Not with one finger.

That’s why destar is so badass still

I didn’t know. Thank you :cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom::cherry_blossom:

Just look at the base’s map view and use the overlapping towers as a starting point

Pretty much where they’re grouped in threes , or can be grouped in threes and occupy adjacent tower positions… also, the ‘sweet spot ‘ differs a bit by device as I have to adjust a little when on iPad vs iPhone vs Android…

You can hit more then 2 at once lol try using 5 fingers

Sarcasm detected

And feet, always fly with your feet

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And let’s not forget the nose

Is any vdo there for hunter and warrior atks on double spots ?

@Bronzemarkian @TheBeastxGreat
I highly recommend this video:

The video talked about how to use 1 rage spell (Desiccating Sand as an example) to hit 2~3 towers and explained the reason. Hunter/Warrior attack share the same strategy, so if you fully understand the video, you’ll know where and how to use hunter/warrior hit 2 towers at once (just treat the normal attack as a small range 1 rage spell).


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