Hivequeen is recruiting 3-4 player open spot


Hivequeen needs new recruits! Are you to messed up for a normal team but willing to die for family? Join us!

Hive has very active leadership, awesome bees and is always on top of the lastest news in wd. We have a big wikidatabase to help bees find information about improving their gameplay.

What we ask:

-100% war activity

-Active in events

-Active in tc

-You must be 18 plus cause we like to talk dirty and only do messy​:smiling_imp::hocho:

-Be a teamplayer (no lone :wolf::wolf:)

Just apply, we are never full (we can always kick alts) even if you think your lvl is to low, active players always get a chance.

Are you willing to die for the hive? To sacrifice your arm for the Queens dinner​:honeybee::crown:? Ready to slay unicorns and drink their blood while its still warm? (We also have tea​:beer: if unicornblood is to strong). Are you able to smear yourself with lube and dance at the queens parties​:honey_pot::wink:? Then you might be beematerial! Please apply or sent a giftbox in mail​:gift:, the queen likes those).

(Please dont join if you are a :pizza:pizzaboy, we whip them).


Three of the same posts in four days and still haven’t managed to put in the basic information like league and level. Feels more like spamqueen…


Im sorry didnt notice it post so many times first was not posting i guess went all together we in platinum 4 right now going to 2 once get some new players im a lvl 333 by the way and we need actice player dont metter the lvl we like to help then grow just want loyalty thankzx

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