Hmmmmm can we play a fun game 🤨

I got bored , mondays are boring right ?

So here’s an idea , tag someone from the forums u know using @(His/her name) - you are a -“ (a colour with the first letter of the name ). +
( an animal with the first letter of the name”

Example : @OrcaFrost you’re an orange orca

Let’s play :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

First turn? :eyes:

@Eff, you’re an Egg Yolk Elk.

p.s. Those with weird first letter might be safe. Or :eyes:

I wanna play it. Please say my name!

Just a suggestion. Waiting for the mentioned player to is kinda limiting others that want to jump and play. How about remove the necessity that the one can post must be the one that’s mentioned. So anyone can participate and the next letter is the last letter from previous post (last letter of the animal).

So the next is:
@Kardul you’re a khaki kiwi

@Odin you’re an Olive Ocelot :cat2:

@theenforcersem you are an turquoise turtle :grin::grin:

@EmrahT you are an ebony elephant!

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@Hobbit you are a Honey Hawk

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@Genie you are golden goose :sparkling_heart:


@Lonteku you are a lemon Leopard :leopard: :blush:

@Noxillio you are a Navy blue Nile crocodile

Does that even count? :joy::thinking:

@Czarcastic You are a cyan cobra.