Hoard life comparison

I got board this morning… hoarders comparison? :man_shrugging:
Rubies E2P, no Atlas, Gold 1, 1.5-2 months or so of speed ups each fort, didn’t include my 2361 Heal Pots.

Can’t wait to see a spenders numbers :exploding_head:

You mind if you give me all of that? :astonished::drooling_face::heart_eyes:

Show off

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Anyone can do it, y’all are all crazy ahead of me in progression, it’s a trade off. I have my goal and going for it.

What is said goal?


My defensive spells, I rarely show the other stuff.

Edit: I’m not hoarding them, just rarely defend unless the base is trying to gather enough food/wood for training/upgrading.


These are from my inactive level 168 alt tied to my forum name. I haven’t played the account since Obsidian came out, if I remember correctly. It was never my main, just an alt that I tested all my breeding on. Couple of Garnet Dragons, etc.


image image image image image image

So now what?


Bambam’s point might be that progress can be made in the game without spending? :thinking:

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342k elemental embers?! I am unbelievably jealous.


But he said he was hindering his progress. We all know F2P can progress, many of them do. @mechengg is like a brilliant example of a pure E2P and insane progress. I’m just not sure of the point of this thread.


Pretty sure it was just for fun. To compare who is a major hoarder. He said he got bored so decided to post. I’m about the opposite of a hoarder so have no place here :joy:


Was mostly referring to this I suppose.

The only thing I really have hoarded currently is rubies and 1hr timers. :joy: Used to have 800 mythic frags but, well, breeding event. Down to 400 or so.



Oh yeah, clueless on that :joy: Maybe to have the most non-hacked rubies in game?

I don’t hoard much except 1 hour timers. And I have no idea why I hoard 1
Hour timers specifically

It was saving for mythic, then got to point where I want an awesome group of dragons, not just moves but visual as well.

I have 2300± of atks and 3800 ± def, one of the things on the list I’ll have to restock when I open the chests.

What I can expect after opening chests and using rubies ya? Your alt is the hoarder while main is a collection?



My alt was a test subject purely for breeding. Main is an actual active account.

Good luck!

I don’t understand the benefit, but if you do that’s all that matters.

If y’all don’t use it, I can… :smirk:

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That’s my point. Hoard to get certain dragons, to level base as needed to progress at the best rate versus dragons obtained, but to hoard for the sake of hoarding?:man_shrugging:t3: Unless happy just staying at a set player level / dragon tier and playing there, then in that case makes sense I guess. Like in my case I’ve got three legendary lineage sapphires, and about 6(?) Sapphire devines capped at level 20 until I go to level 142. I could just live at level 140 and use hoard to get new devines that I like and just live with them getting capped in sapphire. Eventually have a crap load of Sapphire Devines.:rofl::rofl::rofl: