Hoard life comparison




Good to see everyone showing their stuff. Probably PG is going to now increase more the price of everything :joy:


Spender here, big spender here :rofl: :+1:


You think that’s spending…not mine but someone else’s I’ve seen :rofl:image


I’m not sure the hoarding concept is the best thing to compare. I think it’s more about how you spend your items in a smart way to better your account in desired ways.

Sure a spender can hoard a ton, a free player can hoard a ton. Both can also have next to zero items in inventory because they used them at strategic thresholds to get through gating, events, seasons.

It really depends what the person’s overall goal in the game is and if they are happy. :slightly_smiling_face:


Agree with this wholeheartedly.

Off topic.
Is it good to blow gold chests and rubies this event, and got Icicle, or waiting is fine? Lv 166 here, stopped at 4th garnet egg.


Depends where you wanna be for fort, if you are going for seasonal stuff, etc :slightly_smiling_face:


PG reasoning “ why is everyone complaining about the 300 wall and the timers having all this :thinking:” yes let’s readjust the chest drops and atlas prices. Thanks everyone.
Specially thanks to @Bambam27
We might give you a badge.


@mechengg Thanks. I’ll wait then.

@CaptnUndrpants Probably hoarders should state their level as well…


I don’t do too bad either. :rofl:


Oooh an opportunity to show off my 1hr timers, how can I resist?!?!


:rofl: what’s up with everyone and 1hr hoarding? Why that one specifically?


Only two 3 minute timers :flushed:. The owner of that screenshot has a lil OCD in them. :eyes:


1 hour timers are Atlas event prizes


Ahhh, I’ll my stuff’s without Atlas too, guess I should put that.


Apparently he got “board” :hugs:


I collected them at one point too lol. Had 32k at one time. This is the only SS I could find though.

Yay for Atlas events and level stalling for strategic reasons


How did you have those total days thing? Is that a new feature? :hugs:


What exactly is your goal?

Why hold back your own progression to hoard stuff?
IMO any goal or reason other then to get a mythic it’s a bad idea.
Unless your level 400 in end game & don’t care or holding back leveling for certain reasons but that’s just hoarding timers.

Yeah it would be great to have all of this but really when you hold back so much, it hurts you.
Of course E2P & F2P players have no choice if they want a specific mythic.

I don’t know just my opinion but how it hurts you is because you would have progressed, gotten stronger dragons & base and also you would have gained even more timers, rubies, tokens, frags, etc while using them during that event.
That’s not including all the sigils missed and all the extra prizes on those lines. Also the dragons & riders.
Rubies spend during crafting even could have better offensive/defensive gear while also gaining Timers/Diamonds.

Even what you gain during the time you do spend it all, if it’s in 1 week or over a 3 week span still couldn’t get back all the prizes lost and during the time you do spend it with natural progression you’d still get most the prizes and stuff anyway.


Oh that is a mock up of what I think should be added to the screen to give a bit more information :slightly_smiling_face: