Hoard life comparison


Yep! That Would be great addition. I usually don’t bother adding them up so never know how many I have until I have none! :grimacing:


300k rubies? you can get like a mythic straight up with that much rubies right?


(300,000 / 5000) * 1100 = 66,000

Cheapest mythic cost = 15,500 + 31,000 + 25,000 = 71,500.

Almost, Yes.


I want those embers. From your main :eyes:


Can’t calculate it like that, since it only works during Super sigil.
Still, the number of chests will cover it.


I fail to see how hoarding hurts progression. Maybe it is just the level I am at but I hit every 450 sigil mark except maybe feeding or some pvps and I still can hoard somewhat. Maybe it will be different once I get near the wall but for now it’s a golden age. I’m also going to stall my leveling soon to make sure my level doesn’t outpace my breeding since I’m f2p.


Everything is explained above, this thread was only 39 posts before yours… the gist is it was for mythic as rubies E2P, no Atlas, adding Gold 1 to original as I missed that part too, but haven’t found a set of dragons I like spells and visual on.

Guess the other bit of info I could say in reason I’ve stalled progression is to destroy events during season I choose. I have many lvls of den, towers, storage hut is still short upgrade time for a few lvls, to help on fort and also feeding as once I upgrade den I can hit up dragons too.


Ya know I actually had the same mindset until I hit sapphire+atlas access. I was running the resource machine to the bitter end every event to progress as fast as possible.

Then I got atlas… started looking at time constraints for crafting legendary sets (without spending) shard availability vs how much it costs to upgrade the sets.

Would you prefer to be a tough as nails 150 with great gear, ahead on breeding, loads of resources
A soft level 280 with so-so sets of gear, kinda behind on breeding, always resource hungry?

I think some people just choose to limit their total account progression based on the slowest sector of their account progression (Towers and level / Breeding / Gear). Personally I’m slowing down to allow time for the gear on the account to develop…


Yes, exactly.

Base level: 170
Most recent dragon: Aquileas and Austeros
Next breed: Deci
1h timer stock: 30024 :smile: (GTL: >1300 days)
3 full sets of legendary gear (fire, ice, wind)


I was just getting the numbers for this, I was a breeder when I started and would always have the highest tier I could for my lvl. I would cap my highest at lvl like 4 when I got it. That was until I hit Sapp. As no Atlas, Gold 1 I rely on balloon and event rewards, and once you hit Sapp that ain’t enough. I have stalled lvling, I usually do minimal fort event 250 sigil, since like September 2017 and still can’t breed enough. I’m at Iteru as a lvl 198, Reds cheapest and the path I figured are the same so you can see hers for reference. That means I’m near my second Garnet when my stalled lvl should have me at my third Obsidian by now, 1.5M egg tokens shy.

I :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face: at Atlas, the difference is stupid different, just like gear buffs, which is part of Atlas making it even more stupid different. @BaldRabbit Red has AA and Deci lvl 182 player lvl minimum, guess it’s wrong?


Atlas gives me less than 1000 egg tokens a day, that’s not my main focus there (guess what is…)
The zeppelin is garnet, and I happen to be a grinder.
First thing I go for is the egg token boost each season, and do my balloon mission as many times as possible, but saving my rubies and gold chests for next season. If I didn’t, I would be flying Deci already.
The minimum for the twins is 154 and Deci is 162



Are you grinding the balloon using rubies? This is first season I haven’t gotten token boost first and I keep up with 1, 4, and 20 hr balloon resets pretty well, not meticulous but quite well. I usually have 100K by the time each breed comes around.


YipIsHere stated 100K isn’t enough to keep pace with releases of new tiers, so I’m falling further behind, but then deleted the post.

Most definitely, but with No Atlas, no rubies balloon grind this is the amount the game gives. Pretty horrific hu? Was even worse before the tiered balloon came out and gave a little boost.


So no. (I sped up 20h missions only twice in my whole life because I had to go to work.)

I usually get the 450 sigil prize at least, do all the team quests, and that brings me to 120-150k with moderate eyesight damage and spinal deformation.



Just like to say I’ve never hated a group of players so much right now as seeing a lot of those screenshots…



Lol if you don’t know, we can’t help you haha


Holy one hour timers Batman!


Atlas, they answered. Not everyone has it.