Hoard life comparison


If you’re that low on token.

  1. Ensure 450 sigil for every breeding.
  2. Spend much more rubies for gold chests, especially during discount week.
  3. Go crazy during PvP event. (450/500 sigils for minimum achievement)

Note. Assuming that you don’t want to leave your team.


He is 100% accurate. Only 100k per month is the problem. It’s what leads your base to be weak (due to no hut eggs), it makes you level slower and you hold back your timers because of this (why you “hoard” timers). It makes you score less in each event, which earns you less sigils per event, which then makes you earn leas rewards per season, which lowers your progress.

This game is more of a snowball effect. If you do well in an event, it propogates. You do well in the event, you get more sigils. More sigils and you get more prizes. More prizes means doing even better the next event, which gives you even more sigils the next event, etc.

If you start to limit yourself to 200 or 250 sigil prize per event and save 100% of your rubies, you are really really really hurting your overall progress in the game, seasons and overall not playing very effectively.

(Yes I know going overboard isn’t good either, rewards are less efficient at higher progress levels. A balance is required)


Pts we talkin is breed tokens not sigils.


I said above why I keep builder, den, and storage lower. Then Rabbit and I get nearly same tokens but he lightyears ahead of me in breeding which is why I’ve stalled. In PM with rabbit we thinking at the moment reds cheapest ain’t cheapest with inclusion of research.


Plus opening chest during pvp actually gives second most egg token average.

Holding back in opening more gold chests means that you’re holding back your progress on your own.


I agreed opening golds at right time could really help my breeding.

This doesn’t explain difference between rabbit and I’s equal tokens and progression though.


It doesn’t have to be One extreme to the next. There is a medium between the 2.

You can not hoard everything bringing progression to almost a stop or spending everything always to try to max out prizes.
You don’t have to bleed all your resources dry to progress at a good pace.

With naturally progressing and doing well in areas of the game & atlas there’s no reason should really ever get behind in breeding if your an active player.

I don’t think you should bleed every resource dry to progress as fast as possible but it wouldn’t be hard to argue that it’s not actually a terrible idea to go hard in areas like Breeding/building/Atlas events.

Getting stronger to me mostly is Breeding/Building and Offensive & Defensive gear.
The better you do in game you’ll obtain more tokens helping wirh breeding. Same with timers!
Also gear is extremely important and while I don’t think it’s good to bleed every resource dry like it was said, with crafting going all out actually was a good idea…everyone new it would be fixed soon so Before the crafting glitch was fixed, crafting legendary sets was nothing at all just needed the resources.
During the time of the crafting glitch going all out not a bad idea and in a very short time several full legendary sets very easy to get while not having to wait for pieces epic & below.

Anyway like I was saying you don’t have to be a strong 150 or a weak 280…You can be a very strong 200-240 with just moving at a good pace.


I call BS on this. Granted, I was in Platinum 4 at the time but the daily payout of eggs isn’t a ton better than what you get in Gold 1. I relied almost entirely on ballon mission payouts and what I got in event prizes as my source of egg tokens. I did not have atlas but I did work at grinding egg tokens and setting goals for myself. I managed to get a new legendary sapphire dragon on my breeding path each event. Hau took two events.

I made it through the sapphire wall while in Plat 4 and through most of the garnet wall too and that was BEFORE PG reduced the cost of those dragons. If you are willing to actually devote time and effort into playing, you will advance.

If you just play an hour a day without spending money you probably won’t get far once you hit Sapphire dragons.


Same experience here. It was hard, took a lot of grinding and depleted my stash of mystics, but was doable with Elite only.


300k rubies are equal too 750 hold chests (not counting your other chests).

  • It’s about 450k extra token (speedup) with 125% boost
  • Or about 135 extra token during PvP (plus sigils and pvp items for more prize)
  • Or about 205k extra token during Breeding.

With snowballing effect, it makes difference.


I think I was actually halfway (or was it most of the way?) through emerald tier when they introduced breeding scaling. (Curse my memory!) But I was in a Sapphire 1 team during emerald tier (and maybe part of garnet tier too) so I didn’t use them as examples. Still, I managed to get one new dragon an event, except when I was breeding mythics. Sometimes I got 2 dragons if one was a back breed.


I log in about 7 times a day or so doing token quests, I said I wasn’t meticulous but quite decent. Sapp legend is 100k so that’s same pace I get.


I know your trying to shorten the explanation, but I’m not following what you saying. No doubt the snowball effect would boost the speed, but I’m not sure how much without being in Atlas, higher league, and great team.

Based off Red’s cheapest keeping at 100k, Rabbit says 35k more just at Garnet balloon so will be shorter in actuality.
532,060 needed from start of Sapp to start of Gar, 5.3 months
658,050 Gar to Emer, 6.6 months
Emer to Ob, 6.7 months
Ob to Har, 7.1 months
Har to Van, 7.8 months

Looking at this I seriously think cheapest sucks when research is included.


This won’t mean diddly squat if your level isn’t high enough to hatch the dragons you’re breeding.

And if you are following Red’s cheapest path, then I really don’t have anything helpful to say to you. That path is MEANT for Very active players who spend lot of money, alt accounts, or people who are severely behind on their dragons…


I started in late Summer 2017, Gold 2/3 (bouncing back and forth).
Was enterring Gold 1 in springveil.
Always do my best for PvP (sigil wise), try to fulfill at least 450 sigils in fort, and only 12 weeks in P4 (granted that it has Atlas. However, most likely the advantage should only let me have one more Garnet compared to yours.)

Note that I only grind egg token at one time (for obtaining Jul).
Currently, I’m lv 166 starting Icicle (following I4)


Like a lvl 198 two breeds from second Garnet that has slow base lvling for 1.33 years?
I know I’m not at same rate of rss as major grinders or spenders so created my path to hit highest with cheapest, when I found Reds path they were the same.


My cheapest should absolutely not be used by non-alts and non-spenders. That’s why I never published it before.

Severely behind is 250 in Plats, according to me.


I remember having to ask you for special permission to get a copy of it for my alt :laughing: Who hasn’t leveled up or bred anyone new for ages since she’s no longer on the same team as my main account (this account).


Found that out, :man_shrugging: Eh just a game, I’ll reassess now. Like said I created my own cheapest path at first because I knew I wouldn’t be able to compete with major grinders or spenders. Problem with cheapest breeding is research.


Then hold it back until you’re finished with Obsidian.
You’ll have plenty of time after you get your first Harbinger… egg.