Hoard life comparison


I would imagine GETTING NEW DRAGONS should trump research considering your level and the dragons you’ve bred :expressionless:


I can fly my dragons vs equal lvl bases to them (not me), and research has key stats to the game that are needed.


What are key research items required in your opinion


Construction boosts, dragons HP and damage boosts to start. I went and grabbed the DF attack boost as % of a high damage is a high boost. To name a few. O ya, include the towers speed boosts.


A platinum 5% construction boost is NOT worth it for you. You are years away from this being the bottleneck to your progress.

Sapphire dark flak attack is an absolute waste. You need to go through several expensive useless research items. For a small boost. To one tower. You wasted tokens here.

The 6% HP or attack boost in green is a good one. And easy to get without any extra eggs
Anything orange tier and before is cheap enough to warrant getting.


That explains your stalled progress…


Care to post a pic of your research? So we can see if there is anything worth doing still or if you would be better off stopping it completely and only doing dragons?

Here is mine, and most of them were done after I had harbinger eggs


Everything Orange and below, major gaps in green 201 eggs, 4 left with gold 75 eggs, have 63 Plat eggs waiting, and a remaining 2 Sapp waiting. I could get some pics if you’d like.


Pics help to see which ones.


So we going with cheap breed path is bad for any research, and I’m ahead of game in research using cheap breed path, double whammy? Secondly my base is set up and I fly dragons differently then what most y’all do, this makes useful research different too.


I’d honestly stop all research, and stop leveling.

Get breeding focused. Spend sigils to obtain the token bonus of the seasons. Spend rubies to speed up missions (the first and second mission only) and aim for 200k tokens per month.

Get icicle, get your hut up.
Get deci and storm, get your hut up.
Then level your 5 best towers properly.
Keep doing breeding tokens as hard as you can. Use your saved rubies, hoarding them is doing you zero good. A mythic at your level and tier will be way less useful than increasing tiers and your current dragons.

Yep, double whammy for sure. Again, think snowball effect. But in the bad direction. All of this adds up.


Well thanks for the info on this tangent. We did start with the hoarding topic. So seems Atlas is 1hr timer heaven, what else anyone got?


The topics overlap, because it’s a recommendation to not hoard rubies at your level and gameplay :slightly_smiling_face:

I used to collect 1min timers from monuments. Has 10k+ at one point lol


My team just got to gold1, no atlas. I’m f2p, level 150 and I’m working on apophet. Sure, I might not be as far in breeding as I could be if I were in a team with atlas or spent money. But I think I’m in a relatively good place. I get the 450 sigil prize in nearly every event (exception being breeding or money wars where the event just gets so boring after a while). What are we doing differently

?[quote=“Bambam27, post:51, topic:82398”]
As no Atlas, Gold 1 I rely on balloon and event rewards, and once you hit Sapp that ain’t enough. I have stalled lvling, I usually do minimal fort event 250 sigil, since like September 2017 and still can’t breed enough. I’m at Iteru as a lvl 198,


I got Apophet at lvl 174 the end August 18’, but to compare it depends on what breed path you’re on. Minimum is lvl 126.


-I meant Saphire mythics, not divines. My phone won’t let me edit properly :sweat::sweat:-

You said you were on iteru, so i figured you hadn’t gotten around to the Saphire divines yet, my bad. The point I was trying to make was that I am still trying to get the most out of every event without hindering my progress and enjoyment while we seem to be in pretty similar circumstances


Dear PG…please open a market place in Atlas where players can exchange their extra rss for rubies, gold, food, wood, or diamonds.


Like I said depends on path, some are earlier than others.

I’m enjoying my gameplay regardless, no worries.

Bringer you funny, but why you say Atlas, it’s already OP.


Great :grin: no point in playing a game if you aren’t having fun


This is too much of a security issue.