Hoard life comparison


How about completing all forge using speedups?
Seems more like Player Happiness proposal though…


ya… would be nice for all the people who missed out on being able to see if they were crafting legendary items without letting them finish… >.> at least let us use speed ups


If not speed ups, perhaps even diamond? I still don’t understand why we have to use rubies to speed up gears/crafting and Rider missions, when they are Atlas based. :man_shrugging:


I’m saying about normal forge though, not gear forge :sweat_smile:


I thought you could already use speedups to speed normal forge ? :scream:

Like heal pots take 5 hours… No ?


While you’re at it, why not include egg tokens? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not for gear


Yeah I know. But,


Oh. Orca got it wrong then :man_shrugging:


Nope. While it’s true that we can finish one by one using several taps on speedups, we cannot finish all in two taps (like building / research)

tl,dr. Autocomplete for forge.


Ah ok autocomplete. Yes that would help when I’m replenishing hammers :rofl:


Ya, spending ain’t hoarding. Also, this isn’t a suggestion thread.


Actually I fared really well with cheapest (from early gold onwards), even though I do not spend. Have to admit I relied on season dragons a lot and switched to best sometime in garnet/emerald. Allowed me to progress to Rulith recommended dragon checkin. Been on your best path since then. Thank you for your work btw.

The only sad thing was getting Hau so late, liked to fly him a lot. Also it did require a lot of game activity.


Need to still confirm but seems if you have done research too then your behind on breeding then where you could be.


Yes I am behind, at lvl 301 and still need the next breeding for Estril and most of Opes, i.e. Harbinger. Unless I grind and breed both. On the other hand this means my base and my dragons are pretty much in sync, at least only the mythic obsidian and the season dragons are den capped.

So I am happy, pretty much exactly where I want to be and no hoard to speak of that I could compare. Other than a few years worth of defense and attack boosts for my base.


Heck no one reminded me of packs.
13.54M wood packs
28.81M food packs


OMG I forgot I’m hoarding common and rare wind offense chest plates. Check em out yo


:rofl: you do NOT want to see my gear hoard.

But why hoard gear I hear you ask? Well, you NEVER KNOW what may happen in this game… :wink:


Wish I could hoard it without lag…


It’s on.
Hoarding gear is my specialty and i will prove it to you over the next bit

Common Dark offense helmet collection