Hoard life comparison


I’m too depressed to look!


I need the shards, if not epic or better (and only one set of spare epic), I salvage.


Doesn’t it give you like 50 shards per salvage? lol


depends on the level of the gear, but yes, for common. Looks like you have thousands of shards there Mister.



I’m too afraid PG will change the rules of the game to salvage them :woman_shrugging:


vs 3 minutes of my time to do 1 more beast attack in the day lol.

I’ll hold onto my gear and hope a better salvage/upgrade feature comes along


We run out of fire shard beasts pretty quickly. Most days I kill all our beasts.

I liked it in the old days when I could come out to your neck of the woods and farm yours too.


Bah I should have taken a screenshot for your appreciation. I had been trying for legendary fire defensive boots. I had 93 non-legendary boots when I got Gunnar; then switched over to making Ice gear the next gear crafting event. I ended up making 5 pieces of Legendary ice gear than even, then switched back to boots after having clearly blown my “cluster.”. It took another 41 attempts to get those damned boots. :unamused:


I get plenty enough shards from Atlas to upgrade an entire elite set to 10 without the need to salvage anything… :joy:


Impressive, not me. Unless I only did one set maybe. I’ve only had Atlas since August, hopefully that’s why. Or (more likely) I’m doing something wrong.


My dad has twice as much as your dad.
And by dad i mean my team.
And by my team i mean not me.


In case you aren’t aware (I wasn’t for a while), you get shard multipliers for the first four(?) hits and the beasts on higher-level land give better payouts. So unless you are desperate for a certain type of shard, first four attacks should be on beasts in the highest level land your team has. Apologies if this is old news, but I feel like a lot of people don’t know one or both of these things.


Yup and I am trying to get fire (for Meathead on perch) but unfortunately out of 15 castles we only have two on the same area and only lvl 3


Ugh, that’s rough. My main def gear is wind, so between that and Pathox’s gear I’m always struggling to find wind gear.


Two level 3 fires should get you enough fire shards if you’re also finishing fire gear lines in atlas


Sadly it isn’t.

Such is life


Hoarding is so bad :face_vomiting::nauseated_face:.


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:thinking: Hasn’t seen anyone hoarding Blue rider shards, despite Beasts are dropping them like crazy…


What’s the trigger for getting blue rider shards? I only get the red ones … those are from event prizes and quests though