Hoard life comparison


Rider Season branch and Beast (lv 15+)
Lv 15 Beasts need 6k hunt power, which should be enough using lv 8 Bronze 2 primarch.


Ahh okay, I can attack the level 1s only. :grin:


I’m up to 7 of the blue rider shards from random beasts :laughing: only 493 more to go to get caught up on atlas seasonal riders :rofl:


I must say young Bam, I’m reasonably impressed with your supplies given you don’t have Atlas and you’re a casual player (from what I’ve observed).


Thanks, if PG is doing a Japanese theme hopefully they do a good set and I’ll prolly be cleaning house some.

They talking blue shards now in Atlas which is :cry: cause I’d like a 22% Warrior HP rider…


They add up quick. 25000 1hr / 24 gets almost 3 years of time for ya


Err… Guess it depends how you define this. Certainly going to be a long time to get 500 of them to hire a rider


Don’t you lag when you open the rider gear tab? I had to ask PG to delete all of my common gear, it was causing up to 30/40 seconds of lag between “clicks”.


I lag 5-6s when i open up a gear section of a specific rider with element attached.

The lag grows to 30-40s when i am opening up the gear tab of a rider that is unbonded, AKA has to process ALL the gear that i have.

EDITING TIMES: 2-3s and ~10s only


yea sounds about right, still annoyed the shit out of me. Specially dark riders since I crafted 3 dark sets.


I fail to see how long term hoarding is a good thing, unless you’re saving to get a mythic or something.

I save up what i can in between events, and use it all during events for the sake of progress. So unless you’re endgame and there is nothing tk progress to, i really dont see the point


Hoarding just for the sake of hoarding doesn’t make sense at all.

You slow down your overall progression A LOT, you get content WAY later than everyone and you technically always have the outdated content.

I’m all for spending ingame currencies wisely but the emphasis is on SPENDING them, not hoarding them.


Is not, I think is something people do either for fun, lazy or genuinely have no use for the specific resource at the time.


I haven’t encountered a useless resource yet tbh. Unless one chooses not to build flaks or turrets maybe, which i havent. I’m very much all for pushing it and making most of rss.
Lvl 226, obsidian btw


well I didn’t say “useless”, but they might not have a use for it at the time.

for example you might not want to level up much during forts for w/e reason, therefore you might be “hoarding” speed ups for a few months.

In my case, I don’t have any use for fire/ice shards since I stopped building up those towers long time ago. Maybe once I hit an endgame level (yea right…) or they get a rework, ill get those going again.


What took you so long to get to Obsidian anyway? :man_shrugging:


Screwing up by failing to see the benefits of a breeding guide before i got to gold legendaries :grimacing::grimacing:

Oh well, im probably gonna breed a 2nd obsidian before i hit 260. So training divines will have to wait on that


I pokemon’d up til level…100 ish?
And I still get every dragon, just strategically advance so i can backbreed everyone for <1d worth of token grinding.


You slowed down hu?

Still low on rubies?

Just saying your grinding is up there compared to most.


Well my backbreeds are obsidians and harbingers, so between what, 15.5 and 20k per dragon?
It’s a fairly accurate statement still I believe.

And I have a decent amount of rubies right now, i’m saving them for certain things.