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I tried the token grind this event for about 30 minutes, I want to hit a mark(s), and kept getting pesky food/lumber quests and disliked the waste of either heals or rubies, so I stopped. How you manage those? @mechengg about 1/10 quests swap in a second dragon to complete then heal and place inactive sound right?



You typically just do the quest. It’s inevitable that you get some, so you have to expect to use at least some potions through the course of the grind. But you can definitely do things to lower the potions used overall, hence the strategy guide :slightly_smiling_face:

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That sounds like you are in the ballpark



Thats what i do yes



Ask teammates if they’re doing lumber/food hunts and then join. Else just eat the pot and do it.

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Ha i forgot when you used to ask to follow with ember because you didn’t have any potions left.

I guess the other alternative when grinding is to just get your Atlas bank to send you X wood and food every few minutes and you return it back there (cycling it, not using it) so that you can constantly have them being completed. But would take a lot of effort to get that done.



I bet there are people out there with a macro set up for quests, you would have to create a few and manually select them according to the quest, but would make the process way less exhausting and faster. Perfectly legal way of “cheating” lmfao.



I’ve been hoarding Harbinger tier dragons lately.
Have all dragons previous too :sunglasses:


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