Hold your Horses! (aka what to do about 4.5)

Hey everyone, seems like we’re all getting a bit hot under the collar with the 4.5 updates, mostly with the 24hr cooldown.

Here’s what I think and my suggestion on how to handle it.

24hr cooldown is only a problem if you get attacked. Why would you get attacked? Because:

  • you hold land someone else wants
  • you pissed someone(s) off enough that they would want to waste troops attacking you
  • you made a mistake and hold land above your station (i.e. you can’t hold it with the troops and player levels you got)

On the flip side, why would someone want to hit you? Other than the above, there is only really a couple of other reasons:

  • because they’re bored and being d*cks (yes you know who you are)
  • because they’re fighting for global ranking

Will the vast majority of teams fall into the above? No. In fact, of all the reasons above, the ONLY REAL REASON for someone to want to hit you is the last one - that they’re fighting for global ranking. And with the shitty rewards on offer, only the top 20 teams would even be interested in global ranking, maybe only the top 10.

So what does this mean?
IMO, level 4s and 5s are most vulnerable as they’re most desirable and in the context of the changes, also easier to conquer now. If you own a 4 or 5 and are wondering if you are strong enough to hold it, the answer is probably No.

For the rest of us plebs, this change, while significant, probably won’t have much impact. So you lose a castle - infra goes into storage. Go find another one to conquer. With the amount of land available that should be pretty easy. Alternatively, hold extra land - if you lose one just set up your infra elsewhere.

So, don’t stress - let it play out and see what happens.

Just my 2c - probably worth less than 1c :man_shrugging:

Edit: I’m not saying this is a good change - it’s a shit change. Just saying maybe it’s not the end of the world.


Given how infrastructure will get knocked around by losing castles now… I may have to agree with this statement :joy: infrastructure probably isn’t going to be worth what it once was (if you fall into one of the categories you mentioned up above).

Hahahaha - maybe! You only lose 10% though, so pretty easy to catch back up. You’d have to have really bad luck or be someones punching bag to lose it all.

Ehh. Here is my thoughts grumpy.

It’s more like what if the same attacks you currently fend off happen.

The answer is you lose your land and take it back at high costs.

Now there are a lot of new factors in play that come in to play, such as almost everyone is presently stretched too thin.

I saw a panda claim in a line chat that folks will be forced to move close together but I think the opposite happens. Land operates at a If we lose one it’s okay because they don’t know where our others are and we can get a new one just as easily.

I’m trying to be optimistic here but as a former level 2 land holder there was far too wide of a competition band to actually hold land if I had to protect it 24 hours long from a siege. As a level 3 land owner I see that it will be mandatory to max forts asap. It may force some folks spread too thinly to build up rather than out. But really I think diamond teams other than just a few need to all have level 4/5 land and not be interested in 3s for that to work. And sapphire teams should be interested in 3/4, and platinum 2/3. I don’t see that happening.

I think it’s important to remember it’s just a game. Sadly I think it will have the opposite effect and cause everyone to go below their station since you may not be able to defend higher land without 24/7 coverating including attack tier dragons…

So I’m fearful of what i expect but hopeful at the same time. The good thing is everyone has the same challenge now. I can’t imagine sustaining the level of combat I’ve been sustaining.


I agree to a certain extent. But I feel like castle turnover is going to rapidly increase. The shield will be up for 24 hours, yes, but that’s (probably) not enough time to recover enough troops to hold your castle again if the team/player(s) you’re facing is coming back. When that shield goes down, you will have no immunity for a whole day, and if the team you’re facing is a lot stronger, you’re gonna go down. Though all of thishas been said before. It would just suck to be constantly changing castles—especially for new Platinum teams. Now that the shield cooldown is 24 hours, well, stuff’s gonna be going. Just… going. Lol.
Buuuuut… you can indeed pick up (most of) your castle infra and find a new place to settle. I don’t see this change as the complete end of the world… but we’re near it.
Edit: Yeah, I forgot to mention that some people spend actual money on this game to build up castles and shit. All that defending effort is gonna go down the drain when they lose a castle they worked so hard to build up. :t_rex:

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No - that is not the only thing we will lose

  • what about all the time, rss and money that we have DUMPED into these islands leveling them?!

What happens to the people who have SPENT ACTUAL MONEY leveling up islands???

It’s utter and complete disregard by Pg for their players.


I agree with some of what you say, but specifically I would like to point out this:

There is an implicit assumption in here that all teams want more land. I would argue that isn’t the case. In fact, most teams don’t care how much land they got, they just want one they can hold.

So, I really don’t see this change starting off an avalanche of fighting. At the top end, while they are fighting for season honours, I can see this happening. Will it flow down? Unlikely because:

  1. Only your top 20 castles count towards season ranking
  2. Can’t afford to spread focus - if you’re fending off enemies on your Level 4/5 whilst plotting to take another 4/5, you wouldn’t even have time to look at a 3 - nor would you want to.

There are more than enough 4/5s to go round. I really really think 3s and below are safe unless one of the other reasons I listed above happen.

Do you guys really think this has NOTHING to do with the “atlas season?”

This whole new - attacking and defending your castles for glory points … higher points for defending, etc.


Do you think your team has a chance for top 20? Because anything below that the prizes suck ass (actually prizes suck ass anyway but top 20 usually want some bragging rights so :man_shrugging: whatever floats their boat)

If not, then why are you bothering with the atlas season? Focus on personal points! Go get glory in NML! Camp out at Aligane! Finish 20 season lines (if there are that many)! Whatever you want! Nothing requires you to conquer another castle. :man_shrugging:


Why are we worried about it?

Bc this shitty change effects EVERYONE - not just the “top 20”

And I’ve just tried to explain why, IMO, it won’t. But of course I could be wrong :man_shrugging:


Yea - we will see.

It will.

Only people it won’t affect is these little teams holding the level 2s …

Maybe some holding 3s … possibly.

God help the rest of us holding 3s, 4s and 5s that we’ve all busted our asses and wallets on building :roll_eyes:

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I think we all tend to see things from the defender point of view. Put yourself also in the attacker point of view.

Would you try to conquer another castle? Why? Why not? This may give you some clues as to what could happen.

Would like to take a moment to say…

Maxing the fort requires maxing the HQ and the bank… And, you’d be silly not to take the tower as high as you can.

So you have to max three different components.

I get what grumpy is trying to do here, but lipstick will do only so much.


Like lipstick on a pig :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks savage! I do love :pig2: :rofl:

As a wise Panda used to say (I’m sure he still does), the reward needs to match the effort. I’m sure you can guess which one I think isn’t up to par.


Yeah I doubt this will trigger a frenzy of castle conquering cause everyone will be worried about protecting their own stuff and don’t want more land but it still sucks. If you are unlucky enough to get hit though it won’t be fun. Provides plenty of cause for worry for anxiety-prone individuals such as myself :sob:

I would like to point out that as your infrastructure goes higher losses increase. Could certainly total over 100m in losses even on T2 land. That sort of loss isn’t really recoverable without elite. I know I won’t be worrying about building that high anymore. Glad I prioritized prim upgrades over infra during my free elite trial :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I love the wise panda references.

I think we need a meme.

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Unfortunately I only have an angry panda gif. Which is quite appropriate really.