Holiday Event Schedule


Given Christmas and New Year are coming up, and there is usually no PvP event during holidays (e.g. feeding over Thanksgiving), are we headed for a breeding - feeding - fortification sequence before the next PvP the first weekend of January?


I doubt that. I would assume breeding-pvp-fort. That puts pvp the week before Christmas, with no event on Christmas Day, and fort starting the day after. Plus they literally just fixed the cadence so I don’t see them messing with it again.

But it’s PG so :woman_shrugging: We will see


I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull a breeding - feeding - fort sequence as, typically, they haven’t ran a PVP over a major holiday. However, with Christmas being on a Tuesday, the ONLY non seasonal event day of the week (Atlas events don’t count), it could go either way.

If the PG coffers need a little refilling with all those yummy iTunes and PlayStore gift cards that all you children get for presents, I could see a breeding - feeding - pvp - fort happening, but that would throw off the return to the old cadence.

Maybe they’ll release some new dragons right after Christmas to get that additional income, who knows :man_shrugging:


Xp event instead of feeding please :pray::pray::pray:




I would be so okay with this. Especially if it was no heal times. I never want to see another feeding event ever again.


The “breeding - feeding - fort sequence” sounds good to me. Keeps most people off their devices and the annoying and waste of time grinding nature of these PvP events, enjoying proper time with friends and family.


I’m by no means a supporter of the feeding event, but I do see how it could happen…

and on a selfish note, with all the breeding I’m about to do i’d get very easy points… so…


Breeding, feeding, Fort over the holiday would be very nice in my opinion. Very little grinding and people are going hard in the first pvp during discount dragon. Not going to be ready to grind again by then personally


I’d be interested to know if there is a change in schedule.


Is this something @PGRocket / @PGChocolate can comment on?


I guess we will find out today…


I’d bet my right arm that it won’t be Feeding.


:thinking: If Red is betting an arm…and its too soon for fort, then I’d hazard a PvP, the weekend before Christmas. Interesting…or they could move up Fort, and everyone will cry they haven’t had enough time to stash away speeds, in which case they’ll change it to PvP, to placate the vocal minority on the forums.

Ok, yup, I have no clue.

Someone wake up the CF and tell them to start posting their nifty posters. I suspect one will be a Grinch, describing a PvP, cause PG is stealing Christmas :rofl:


Does that mean I would lose my right arm if it is not feeding? :scream:

Not sure I’m ready to place that bet then…


probably it is a pvp next but we will know for sure in 30 min from CF members


Where does it get announced first?


next event is kingdom wars already announced


Thanks. Where can I see the announcement though?


instagram on cf posts or in twitter in PQhiggins