Holiday Event Schedule

#21 you can search @ShadowsofBirds on instagram too (not sure of the other IG users)


ad0r3d is for english , ad0r4d in spanish


Thank you both @ChaosRiderEff @PoseidonPQ


This is a kickass poster like always!


I love all your stuff. Keep up the great work!



Kingdom wars I am not even trying this event since the last day of it I am not spending my Christmas eve grinding away.


Kingdom Wars on a holiday weekend, seriously!

Bite me PG. That sucks!


Seriously pg. pvp on holiday week. I am mad now


Nah, whenever they launch KW I won’t be excited about it, Christmas week is not an exception :woman_shrugging:t3: But will do anything for the team anyway, and I want rider.


What does this mean? Didn’t we just fix the cadence?

I’ll tag @PGChocolate and @PGRocket even though they seem to ignore the forums entirely.


That didn’t take long. :rofl:


You know exactly how to get me riled up jb :joy:


I’d be fine with two weeks of fort. :grin:


They said next tier was coming in January, so are you thinking a festive dragon?


It means Fort and Feeding (not necessarily in that order)


As someone else mentioned, feeding is considered a minor event, and usually replaces PVP. I honestly don’t know for sure that is what they are doing, but that would be my guess. Then feeding would be followed by another minor event (again, as is usually the case)…

Could be wrong on this one though… it’s just speculation at this point


With the announcement of Kingdom Wars today doesn’t that post contradict it? You have any knowledge they are changing their minds again??


Not today… the events following this one (ie… it could go Breed-Feed-etc…)


Well I don’t mind no having to worry about castles and wars during my holiday but the most labor and time intensive PvP would not have been my first choice. Good thing I’m done with Gunnar and saving for next season. Won’t be playing much at all this event.