Holiday Event Schedule


Yeah I know that it probably means fort-feed. It’s just such a stupid fucking idea to have another feeding event so close to the last one. Yay, another week of feeding perches where I can’t find food to feed my dragons if I tried :roll_eyes:. Yay for getting to worry about wars and defending castles during the holidays.


If we do get a feeding I wasn’t completely wrong then…


Am I reading this as Wallet Wars > Minor > Minor? Or, did they just take back wallet wars from starting Wed?

or more like:
KW: 12/19-24
Fort: 12/26-31
Feed: 1/2-7


I’m reading it as KW - Fort - Feed


Which would mean KW - Fort - Feed - Breed - PvP if the cadence is respected…


@Arelyna @PGCrisis Could one of you get the right person to come shed some more light on this? Saying “next two events” makes it sound like minor-minor-major (otherwise why not say “next three events”). Also, we had feed fairly recently, so that seems less likely but possible. If it will be fort then breed after KW, a clearer warning would be helpful, since it makes a difference (and as I’m sure the team knows after all of the cadence issues).


Here’s the breakdown:

  • This week (12/19-12/24): Kingdom Wars
  • Next week (12/26-12/31): Minor Event
  • Week after (1/2-1/7): Minor Event
  • After that… :eyes:

Next event? Anyone?

To respect the 4 week cadence you’d need

Next week (12/26-12/31): Fort
Week after (1/2-1/7): Minor
2nd Week after (1/9-1/14): Breeding

Hence the “minor” would be feeding. Unless there are cadence changes again?


Oh NOW I see :joy::rofl::sweat_smile::disappointed_relieved::drooling_face:


Thank you!!


A PVP, Christmas weekend.

Yup, PG, the $ Grinch that stole Xmas.


I honestly don’t know what would be worse. A PvP over Christmas/New years or the potential for wars :joy:


PvP on Christmas eve. :+1:t2: Weil done. Congrats to all the Team wich r Not celebrating. Easy win ahead


Chose your next move carefully. :wink:


Kingdom Wars at least doesn’t require you be at your device at specific times (say like Fight Pits). So we can play depending on our personal schedule.


Ffs - some of us would like peace and quiet for Christmas :woman_facepalming:t2:

I mean - silent night - come on :roll_eyes:


There’s no way PG we’re going to start a PvP event during the holiday period, so unless everyone’s advocating for four minors in a row I’m happy to have this week be one.


Last day of PVP pretty quiet usually anyway.


If you haven’t read the general mood here let me break it down for you.

Most of us DO NOT WANT a major event (PvP) this weekend. Most of have a lot going on for Christmas and we don’t have time to play a stressful event.

I was hoping after reading your blog about your plans for next year that PG was finally deciding to be more responsive to the players. I guess that was all just PR crap to try and retain players who were on the verge of giving up on hoping for change


Do we have xp event? :eyes:
Or any with 0 heal time?