Holiday Event Schedule


Turn off your phone and enjoy your family?

My plans. This game isn’t going to dominate my holiday for sure


Easy to say - but when you’re a leader, it’s non stop :tired_face:


If ya can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. :upside_down_face:


Funny - bc I’ve had the heat for over a year - so thanks :+1:t2:


You’re welcome!


The bad part of not having a pvp over the holidays is there will be no event shields up in atlas. Which means we will have to guard our castles. At least with a pvp u can chose not to play it as much with the atlas season getting down to the nitty gritty there’s a lot of glory hunters out there. Just my two cents


Great, so us poor Aussies will be left to have to deal with a PvP event on Christmas morning :rage:. We want to be spending time with family, not worrying about pixel tiles being stolen. Not to mention all those people who will be travelling for Christmas.


Guys. It’s an event vs Christmas (or eve).

Who cares about the game. Go spend the few days with your loved ones sheesh. Put your time in over the next few days if you want to do OK, but seriously disconnect and be real people even if it’s just for a day.

Trust me, your team will forgive you.


It’s christmas sheeesh there’s no bigger event than that :man_shrugging:t2:


On the plus side, that eliminates the risk for a war on Christmas Day, which would have been possible otherwise.

And between the two, I’d rather have the no war option :man_shrugging:


And so it’s fortification next, as expected.

But the question remains… what will come next?


Well they said two minor events in a row.
The first is fort
The next one will either be breeding or feeding

I’m leaning towards feeding to keep the cadence


Won’t you hope for new minor? :crossed_fingers:


XP event? :heart_eyes: I wish but I doubt it


No way they’d do the first run of a new/revamped event, even a minor one, during the holiday season.


Me too, but then that would likely mean fort - feeding - breeding to stick with the cadence…

And that’s what I’m questioning…


That has happened several times before so that is prob what most expect to happen


But then they would have said 3 minors, wouldn’t they? And they said 2…


There is also a possibility for Fort - Feed - PvP - Breed


I’d hope that with the state of the game, they would run a new minor event past the GPF first 🤷