Holiday Event Schedule


Highly doubt that breeding will be after fortification because 2 weeks between two breedings it way too short of a time. I hope pg learn on their own mistakes and won’t do such again. Especially just to spoil players’ NYs holidays…
feeding is more likely to come after fort. I don’t mind at all and all in preparation these days.
And whenever next pvp will be, I guess it’s Gauntlet. Quite missed it.


I’m guess fort - feed - breed - Gauntlet, you know, to stay within the newly announced return to the old cadence.


Think it’s safe to assume fort (12/26-31) -> feed (2/1-7) -> breed (2/9-15)

New stone for UVS comes out on Jan 9th which would coincide with new tier of birds coming out in breed that week.


Think you skipped January on your dates :wink:

But yes, I agree


Would be really nice if for the holidays the Fort event glyph didnt suck. Dont really need another Archer or Ice Flak attack or sorcerer atk/hp


Maybe they will surprise us all and next week will be fort again. I don’t think they’ve ever done that before


They said though that there would not be three minors in a row


IIRC it was not 5 in a row and it was specifically during the old 3 cycle cadence


Aw crap, I think you do :man_facepalming:


Ugh. I’ll be passing lumber out this event. No leveling this time around.


The 2nd wave of dragons comes out on the 9th, no way they’re going to also bring the new batch of dragons out on the same day with a breeding event. Crisis already said that the 2nd wave previews would be on the 3rd and 4th and they’re not going to release new breedables without previewing them. I would bet on

Gauntlet (week 6 release)
Breeding (New tier release)


Okay, better go get my butcher knife(aka The Meat Cleaver)


Why? It wasn’t feeding.


Uncapping dragons immediately results in the irresistible urge of feeding the roster divines - at least that’s how i work.


How’d you do? Hopefully got to spend some time with the real life Family. Seemed easier this time. Not sure if random placement or that others were on holiday.



No one likes feeding so why do it again so soon,?


Because they can have a skeleton staff for these types of events. We don’t KNOW it will be feeding but that’s the conventional wisdom at the moment.


I beg to differ: I do. :slight_smile:

And besides what @FLAKnIceHole said, it would be great to have a less attention-hungry, easy event after fort. If it’s feeding, even better: recently uncapped dragons can wait a week.


I’d love feeding after the fortification :smiley: I am all ready for it and willing to feed my linage dragons :3


Just had feeding how can you be ready already. Lol. Best time for pvp is now people are home more than usual