Holiday Event Schedule


Was actively flying xp runs around 2 weeks now :smiley: I’m not stacking xp on usual basis, but I thought it might coming…

And damn I want to finish event in first 2-3hours and be free, having fun with my family on holidays, not sitting on the game :see_no_evil:


Holidays are over. Next five days are chilling time with game while kids enjoy xmas gifts. New year’s shouldn’t be considered a holiday just another day off. Over rated


Maybe in your country. But it’s not the whole world. In my country there is no holiday such as Christmas on December 25th. Like at all. I was working all the time up until now. We have just new year and it’s the biggest holiday in a whole year here, lasting 7 days. and there are many countries like that, don’t think that your traditions are standard for the rest of the world,


I mean they can totally make a preview of new tier w/ wave 2.

Twitch stream: new tier art and lore
Facebook stream: new tier spells + wave 2 art and lore
Yt stream: wave 2 spells

Or something like that.
That’s PG we’re talking about, so everything is possible …

So 9th of january could be breeding …


And a LOT of people don’t celebrate the “New Year” until February 5th


Spent all day defending our castles and our 5t thanks to sorry assh**** who wanted to hit all day long - was a great Christmas!

Thanks Pg! :roll_eyes:


BS again. Stick with the minor/major/minor/major schedule with feeding replacing a pvp as major or just admit you’re operating on your own whimsical schedule of randomness. Your previous changes to a three week cycle were unwelcome. You announced pvp which should have happened and kowtowed to the vocal minority who begged for a build to their own detriment and now this.

Just admit your sole purpose is to generate sales from the bulk of your players while alienating the rest of us by your wishy washy schedules and the poor UI. Atlas is still crashing half the time I log in. Prizes lag and I have to claim them ten times before I’m sure I have them and even then they’re not right. The customer service is worse than Dell and Sprint combined. Just be straight with us, PGCrisis. Y’all don’t care about your players or what we want. If you did, pvp wouldn’t have been the week leading up to Christmas, Atlas would be functional, and you’d change that stupid loading screen about your small team of (inept) developers needing us to buy a pack to keep you in business.


Feeding has never been a major event. it replaces one but it has always been a minor event. This is the same schedule plan they did last year. They use feeding as a filler during major holidays so that PvPs arnt running during that time


Are we in the same 5ta? :rofl:

I’m on my 3rd day of defending an ally.


Not sure - but this shit is ridiculous

Over the “mean girls” pg has created with this shitty glory scaling


I do find this amusing though:

I’d like to know - where :joy::joy:


They posted the scaling a while back, doesn’t necessarily mean it works though🤷🏼‍♂️


Should bring back KOTH for this next week let’s start 2019 off great with the best PVP event that ever existed!


That’s for main game, not atlas in any way, and it is in effect.


Well - then maybe their support shouldn’t use that as a valid argument when you’re addressing atlas issues :joy::joy::woman_facepalming:t2:


Lol support shouldn’t do a lot of things


Very true :joy::joy::joy:

Yet another fine example of quality service :grin::woman_facepalming:t2:


And so it is Feeding next…


No real surprise there. PG, can we all get like 40M in food packs? We’re all going to starve this new year


Not a surprise, no. The real question is what will come next?