Holiday Gifting Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss about the Holiday Gifting Event.

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Don’t miss out on obtaining these limited time portraits before Arya and The Hound are gone for good!

Edited for truth, sneaking Game of Thrones characters in there :rofl:

Happy Holidays everyone


I’m just upset that they swapped the names compared to the Twin Dragons Aquileas & Austeros… It messes up with my mind…


Well, looks like no one is gifting me anything. :joy: Funny coincidence that in the same month that I got Aquileas and Austerous, PG decides to release an Austerous and Aquileas knights portrait

When will it begin and where will it be located?

Probably when the event starts and it’s done through the in game store like all other purchases

Thank you

So we need to hit 95k, but how many K is each gift?



0.001k I think :sweat_smile:

So it’s not just your team but everyone in the game…

If so this is either going to be a big fail or the biggest win and the fact Everyone gets it befuddles me.

Even in the holiday prize things you gotta be active and in the event to have a event where people trade prizes and have the average joe who doesn’t even do it still get prizes is weird.

Also is the bonus for the monuments and the twin dragons auto active or can we pick when to use these boosts.

This is the deciding factors for me and probably a lot of other players so what’s with this?

And seriously .001. Or 0.01 is kinda pushing it plz tell me this isn’t true :expressionless:

It’s a nice concept and all, but with between 30k and 40k active accounts - and probably a good third of those alts - I sorta doubt we’re gonna be getting the higher prizes.

Figure MAYBE 1/3 of players will get it, which puts us at MAYBE 10k, assuming people get it on their alts too. A far cry from the 95k top prize.


They’ve been available for 5 hours now and already over 10k have been claimed :woman_shrugging:t2:.

Edit: If we can trust the green checkmarks :joy:
But I agree, I’m not sure we’ll be getting the final prizes, that’s a LOT of gift swapping.

Well considering that “k” stands for 1000, 1 gift would be .001 of 1k… so that is in fact true.


It’ll take a lil bit under $ half a million to get there. That’s a crazy amount :flushed:

The first two prizes are good enough for me. Ya’ll can stop buying now. Thank you for your sacrifice :kissing_heart:


That number still seems wildly inaccurate to me.

Pretty much all of plat and most of gold I is full teams of active players, that’s already 75k.

Not nearly everyone will buy these, but the people who do tend to get at least 5 or 10. I would not be surprised if we get closer to that 95k total.


Actually just spent a couple weeks in gold one and only ran into one of two teams that actually had 50 and they were definitely just filled with inactive lower levels. The platinum league we are in now only has 3. It does seem like we have run into a far amount of players returning from a hiatus🤞

Platinum yes even though lower platinum P4-P3 lots of teams with abunch of Alts.
But gold it’s pretty bad there lots of half empty teams. I’ve seen quite a few with 10 players and less

It does seem like you’re right on the prizes. Somehow we’ve already hit the 20k mark.

But it seems odd, considering that the most accurate way we have of measuring player participation consistently places us in the low 30k range. Even the low-activity accounts in Plat and Gold should be earning more than the minimum points humanly possible in events, so if all those accounts were active, we’d expect to see much higher numbers.

Maybe it’s off due to the way it ranks people at the same number of points? But then, most people doing that little experiment take the numbers at a few different point levels. So I dunno.