Holy Categories, Batman!

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Cakeday!? Why have you been hiding this?

hahaha, it’s me! It’s all me! muahahahaha!!

No, really, Arelyna and I are in the process of updating our Forums categories. Since the Forums are live, you’re seeing the changes in real time. We’ll be posting a big announcement thread about the new categories once they’ve been fully implemented. Stay tuned - shouldn’t be too much longer now. :slight_smile:


Can’t wait to see everything once the forums are fully updated!

I have a feeling that the Latest page is gonna get a lot more colorful :grin: :t_rex:

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Same. By the way, how did you get the Respected title? @hellraptor

If you go to badges, you can see what the conditions are.

You beat me to it :rofl: :t_rex:

Oh, okay, got it! Thanks!

I dont see a “Call Out” category yet, might that be forthcoming?


Doubtful. They still want us to believe that support will actually get the cheaters banned if we report them through the support desk…

Seems a little busy.

It is a little :see_no_evil:

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Using Off-Topic has been the safest bet … when in doubt, choose Off-Topic. :grin:

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How to hide/filter the categories out?

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