Home location listing for islands

Is there a way to see who has listed an island as their home?
If not can we get one?
So we can see where each team mate has their home placed?


@SnowRR Currently, there is not. Could you help us understand the use case for this feature, and where it would exist to be most useful? Is knowing a teammate’s home for the reason that you’d want to know where their Troops are deployed? Is it to find out where it’s most effective to set taxes? Let us know!

To even out where gold is being deposited…
and verify they are actually setting their homes on your teams island.

It would be nice to shift them around for balance to.
And of course tax evasion. By setting your home outside the team islands you don’t pay taxes to the team.


Fully agree, same question and request here to make sure people can‘t evade Team set-up rules, i.e. make it transparent for the leaders who does…

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Thanks for clarifying! I’m not sure how helpful it would actually be to see where someone has their Home set at any given moment––they could set it to one castle, do attacks or Troop collection there, and then set it back to a different one fairly quickly.

Right now, the Bank Ledger only shows weekly contributions per player at the specific castle, but it sounds like what you’re looking for is more of breakdown of ALL team castles and who has contributed to each.

Some points for discussion so we can get a better idea of how you’d envision this to be most helpful:

  • Where would this information be located? Contributions tab? At each Bank? Making sure that it’s not in a place that’s already too cluttered is good to keep in mind.
  • How would it be visualized? A list of numbers would show the raw amounts, but something more visual like a graph could work too. What do you prefer?
  • Who can see this information? Officers? All teammates?

Also, if they are doing tax evasion, they also aren’t receiving the bonus your Forts provide…

So make less, evade taxes, or make more and pay taxes. Unless you have a stupid high tax rate, it doesn’t make sense.

If we’re making improvements here, I would like to see the balance of each rss in each bank in a single display. Officers have a workaround with the “transfer rss from another bank” feature, which shows all balances, but Members don’t have this access. If a member wants to unload their Food, they need to click on each bank separately until they find one with capacity.


i like the idea aswell. and i guess every team with a lot of islands does.

1.) in my opinion in the Contribution Tab

2.) A list of numbers maybe? For example lets say Spooky’s Home is at DCAlpha for 45days.
Sumatan’s Home is at DCBravo for the last 19 Days… and so on. would be a better Tracking for Leadership and Officers. (easiest Way to avoid tax evasion during Atlas-Events)

3.) not sure. i would say only Officers/Leader

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Easiest way to avoid tax evasion is just set it one time for team and be done with it.
Switching home shouldn’t even be a factor.

I’d like a lot less screens!!! To click through…
each island should bring up a main page with everything on it.
Click click click click click is freaking annoying!

We also, need just a management page.
Like someone suggested banks have…
Three columns

BANK A select Bank____ transfer amount _________
BANK B select Bank____ transfer amount _________
BANK C select Bank____ transfer amount _________
BANK D select Bank____ transfer amount _________

So we can do multiples from one page.

Same with players…
When you select them for a position they are in a grid which is great!
When you have to find them to send food too… you have to Scroll Over and over and over…

The interface should follow Steve Jobs idealism!!!

More information in one place is better too…
improves overall quality of game and management.

List of all forts… and when upkeep is due with a pay upkeep button on that page!

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