Hope this helps those struggling with gold for primarchs

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-GOLD/ Primarch MANAGEMENT-  ~The Following is a method that most teams, especially those new to Atlas, could utilize and even enhance for specific user/ team needs to basically protect a large amount of gold and for each member to receive it all at once instead of throughout day.

• Start with 8 volunteers.
• Each of the 8 will send 2 shipments of gold to 4(half) in the group.

• Same 8 then repeat process for the remaining 4 after daily multi in atlas resets.

• Once the first 4 have been completed then another 8 members can volunteer to complete the remaining 4 in advance and then wait for another 8 or reset.

•The Original 8 are required to complete their runs after reset as they would have before being bailed out but instead will send to the first 4 of the second 8 that bailed them out and so on…

• 230k x 2 x 8 = 3.6m
10 = 4.6m
16 = 7.3m
20 = 9.2m

• 4 x 460k = 1.8m/ day(x2) required.
x5 = 2.3m
x8 = 3.6m
x10 = 4.6m

• A group of [ 4 ] can send 3 full shipments at 690k total [ x4 ] which would be 2.76m gold per participant/ day( x2 ) with daily multi left over to farm quickly or to go all in. Many ways of doing something like this it is very flexible just gotta make sure the numbers add up and that its worth it.

-The 4th Kind.

I’m sorry, I’ve read this several times but I still don’t see how it helps! :joy:

  1. What are the 8 supposed to use to build their troops while they are sending all their gold to the 4?
  2. What are the 4 supposed to do to keep people from raiding them while they wait for the the rest of their gold…?
  3. How is the team supposed to keep going with upkeep and building of forts if all the gold is going towards team members?

I raid gold from poachers until the multipliers are gone every day and it’s not enough keep my own troops building continuously. I honestly don’t do a lot of raiding from other players because it’s just demoralizing to waste healing pots on hit after hit with nothing in return. Plus, I don’t often have that kind of time to do the volume of hits it takes to stumble upon someone with gold.

Maybe I’m missing the point of your post but the best thing I’ve found to do is to luck upon a 1.5M windfall from the card game, bank it, and have an officer transfer it back to you when you are able to luck upon another windfall. lol
Even then- I feel guilty doing it because the team needs the gold for infrastructure…

It’s just miserable out there right now when it comes to gold.

It allows each player to only need 2 shipments per member of the group to get 2 days worth of gold from daily multis all at once.

  1. Could farm matchmaking or ask other more fortunate membera for aid.
  2. Each participant get their gold all at once to help lvl primarch.
  3. That falls under leadership and management.

Lol you funny man. Go hunt for gold and tell me how you got from match making. Sometimes you strike luck and might get 80k, especially when everyone is expanding right now. I did 20+ hunts and got merely 200k (that’s my luckiest night btw)…
And how are you factoring in the upgrading cost for each infrastructure inside an island? 13M minimum :roll_eyes:.
Your suggestion might work for small scale teams but not for big ones. And it only helps moving gold around within guild. It doesn’t generate anymore gold

I never said it did generate more gold but as far having 2 days worth of free gold all at once for upgrading primarchs and motivating/ working with the team in atlas it is efficient…yes the newer teams this will benefit more but i also know a few older ones that bave members fed up with nit being able ti get a large amount of gold to spend at one time.

Its possible to get twice that for free as a team in 1 day…its actually possible to push 100m gold a day as a team for free but what i think people want is just more gold. I can understand that, who wouldnt but this is definitely an effective way to prevent opponents from stealing gold and to make sure each member is taken care of personally.

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