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Good Evening Dragon Flyeer’s, since Sunday afternoon every time i try to log on, in the middle of loading it tell me to close an update to newest version, but my device or the play store says, no updates available, has anybody been experiencing this why does anybody know what I need to do??? I’ve done updated it to the new version which is 4.35. on the 6th or 7th whether it,
Thank You Flyer’s,

Have you crossed platforms??

Hi Dragon Lords! Please try to refrain from switching between iOS and Android devices for the time being. Switching between will cause the Android device to ask for an update that does not exist. This is happening because iOS is currently on version 4.36 while Android is on 4.35. Version 4.36 was an iOS only release.

This issue will be resolved in our next version release which will be next week. Keep an eye out for patch notes for this upcoming release!


Both devices I have are Android, would that make a differents???

I wouldn’t think so but maybe try putting a ticket in?? If you have but haven’t gotten a satisfactory response ask them to escalate it

I know with IOS the last couple of updates didn’t show up in the store for me but if i deleted the game and then reinstalled it would download the newer version… Did you try a complete reinstall?

Okay Thank You My Lady i’ll try to submit a ticket, because I’m not switching platform from iONs to Android, I’m just switching from 1 accounts to other and both accounts are on an Android device, I don’t even own and iOS device, We’ll see what happens,
Again Thank You My Lady :rose::rose::rose:

Yes i tried that twice already, That was the first thing i did,
Thanks though,

Good luck :dragon_face::dragon_face:

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