Hording chests for PvP

This is kind of off topic from previous posts so hope I don’t get trolled.

There numerous communique regarding hoarding chests until PvP events which I can totally get on board with but I’m a f2p guy and and when posting you have 30k bronze and X gold, did you buy packs to get you through the current event?

If so, kind of a misnomer to follow your lead when I don’t buy packs.

There are many f2p and e2p that do this, but more specifically for pvp events during a discount dragon. It makes your sigils worth twice as much and you get the maximum amount of rewards for those sigils from those chest pulls.

A good strategy is doing this at the start of seasons, then use the supplies throughout the pvp’s of the season and (personally) spend chests on fort event and save rubies for the start of next season.

I’m an e2p and this is what I do. It’s the only source of inners and energy packs and if your not spending it’s almost impossible to perform well in pvps without it

So, I do have Elite (not Atlas-Elite, only normal) but otherwise I don’t spend a penny. I am quite active though.

As you said, always save atleast Bronzechests for PvP.
For my gold chests I open most of them during PvP. However I use http://wd-orca.epizy.com/?i=1 (Orcas Chestpredictor) to see if I will get something worthwile out of my goldchests and open accordingly during other events aswell - not wasting my chests.

For the second half of the last season I didn’t spend a Bronzechest. I saved them to open them during discount now. Had 4800 Chests saved up - Got me 6300 Sigils.
Makes finishing the Discount Dragon sooo much easier.
You will also snowball a bit. Getting more sigils means finishing more lines, which leads to more stuff and more goldchests.

And with the stuff you got at the start, you can get pretty well through the season - and have a nice start for the next one!

Im E2P and just horded starting in the last half of the Winter season. I opened 400 gold chests and 2800 bronze chests yesterday and am pretty well set up for this season. You dont have to buy packs to save up chests, you dont have to pay to unlock seasonal mythics. It just takes dedication and the willpower not to open until the right times

K, thanks all for the input. Please close this thread.

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