HOT CHECKS AT CHURCH no laugh challenge 😂

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Check bleep bleep bleep bounce bleep bleep :joy:

You laughed admit because I can’t watch//listen without laughing

Worst Indian Accent ever (I’m one), but still funny.

He can get anyone mad over anything like when he called a guy asking can I get my medicine out your house after it has been broken into that dude was so mad

I mean that just sounds like a terrible thing to do. A person just had their home broken into, likely don’t feel safe in their own home anymore, and are probably going to sit up worrying about it for a good while. And that’s not including any sentimental stuff, or just the cost of replacing things.

Someone coming up and making fun of them for it just sounds like a horrible individual. That stuff scars people man.

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He is a comedian does the same thing like ROY D. MERCER

Not sure what that changes. A man making fun of people, to their face, about a potentially deeply traumatic thing seems to be doing a horrible thing regardless of job title or if others do it.

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Yeah making someone laugh at the expense of other’s miseries is inhuman, and those enjoying that, even more inhuman.

I pray you don’t go to a comedy show because they will snap on you

Look playing on other’s misery is not what comedy is. I like good, light-hearted comedy. I have been to good stand ups and comedy shows. If comedy now is playing on other’s misery, then shame on those type of comedians and the people supporting them.

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There is making fun in good faith. There is making fun about the right things. Then there is wholly insensitive topics which deeply hurt someone. That’s called abuse. Literally.

Harassment at times if it’s continuous. Hell one step too far you get a criminal offence.

Comedy shows are fine. Laughing and joking about observations are fine. Banter and jokes between friends are fine. Attacking someone’s trauma… especially new trauma… if you think that’s ok and can’t see the problem or the difference… wow.


You said it better @Mistborn20

If that was real, that’s incredibly alarming that he had the knowledge his house was broken into, and the absolute callousness to fuck with him about it.

I don’t believe any of his prank calls are to real targets, please stop these stupid Spam posts. Get a Facebook or something to share these to.

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Mute the topic if you don’t like it.

I watch ownage pranks a lot and he is pretty chill. He gets request to prank people. The requestor provides all information. Most often, family members get pranked within the family so it is all good fun! It’s fun to watch for me!

If any others have anything funny like this to share, I will love it and I don’t care where it is posted!

What part is the chill part in the angry asian restaurant vid? Cause the prankster actually made that restaurant owner’s day bad. Like real bad. Some of us are really sensitive about slangs and how they’re used so it is fully offensive to me. To you it may seem harmless, but think empathetic.

A comedian speaks to an audience and usually generalizes. Yes the occasional audience member can is picked on but it’s not in regards to anything that actually happened to them or that they did.

Calling someone’s phone and pranking like this is a rude immature teenage stunt and shows me he has no real talent as a comedian.

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He does stand up but I won’t post it here