How 2 Rekt Assault Like A Pr0

Dragons I used:

  • Red- Kastor, Hext, Sakura, Kinnara (for the last two bases. try it unboosted!)
  • Purple- Kinnara (unboosted for the first couple, again), Borg, Dactyl, Ember, Arborius
  • Blue- Kirin + Drude (-.-;; ) (I’d suggest prepping with Etzel/Chunk in the future where relevant. And cleaning with Bolt instead.)
  • Orange- Noss + Enki (Amarok’s not bad, either.)
  • Green- Scorpa + Enki (I’d suggest Ettin as well. Urd(en?) ain’t a bad choice either.)
  • Gold - Cavaleris (solo, mind you. Is a buff dragon in his own right. If no divines, I’d consider leading with maybe Yersinu and following up with Whale and Cons? Kinda weak tho.)
  • Plat - Aibrean, Rizar, Necura (mostly only to put down healing marks)
  • Sapphire- Sekhem (Sacrifice can and will save your next dragon :wink: ), Apophet, Hauheset, Iteru (or Rizar tbh)
  • Garnet- Sekhem, Hauheset, Iteru, Jul (excellent cleaner if you sanded everything…like a pr0)
  • Emerald - Fomhar (I’d suggest Deci and Slax to start and Ferga to clean. If you have Nier… :drooling_face: )
  • Obsidian- Noctua, Lumina, Gunnar, Prospero
  • Harbinger- Noctua, Ronin, Prospero (Again, Lumina should work pretty well as a cleaner if you vined stuff.)

Handy equippable spells:

  • *Reverse Projectiles: To get past the rage drains on the #6 bases
  • *Invincibility: Good for cleaning fire flaks on a dragon without cloak or any sort of damage mitigation
  • *Freeze: I used it mostly with Fomhar tbh. But it’s good when you want to slow yourself down a little and pick off towers one by one.
  • Vampiric Touch: To regain rage while using one-shot spells to clean
  • *Havoc: To clear the entirety of the midlong if you’ve already obliterkated the blue mages.
  • *Lockdown: To slow the dragon down at the start of a long island
  • Death gaze: Equippable alongside Umbral for that little bit of extra killing power on a cleaning dragon.
  • Summon warrior: For when you suck with Hau and simply can’t stutter the island 6s.
  • Cloak: For when you want to blink, or simply just to skip an island.
  • Self-Destruct: The original white cloak. Also good for nuking whole islands when you’re about to die.
  • Resists: Mostly only useful in lower tiers but Noss kinda benefits a lot from his lightning resist :wink:

Remember that you’re not aiming to solo the bases; but instead to 100% them with three dragons. Each base only gets two AI supershots per dragon, so once they’ve been fired the rest of the mages don’t do anything. Leaving stuff behind is fine; you can have a cleaner dragon come by to clear them later. Dark flaks in the middle of long islands are good choices if you can cloak over them or otherwise disable them. Try not to use lineage warriors at all; they suck, and sorcs only situationally.

For sapphire, garnet, obsidian, and harb, I really relied a lot on Hau and Noc. Might be good to practice the base setups in Assault in the maingame before heading in to try them out. :slight_smile:

*applicable to steal essence:
^ Especially handy in Gold and Plat. (and stolen from google lmao)

Hope it helps!


Missed flak…

Oops :sweat_smile:

Any suggestions for a non divine replacement for Airbeans? Plat is the only one I dont have any divines for and 5 & 6 are kicking my ass

But some of the dragons you listed require battle/war cry for assistance. That’s now disabled. For reasons PG hasn’t actually given reason for.

And I’ve provided alternatives. They’re the divines I had at the tiers I needed them, so I used them. :confused:

Cav should do fine without War Cry imo. Blue tier desperately needs a rescaling.

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Rizar, followed by…Necura, maybe? Just for the healing marks and bursting down some towers. Followed by Whale. I’d probably see if using the healing marks in tandem with Sacrifice works, and how healing mark runes affect that equation.

Focus on what you can do with GO. Key spells to plan to get with Essence would be Lockdown, Freeze, and Chaos imo. Self destruct/Summon might help a bit. You’ll need to do a lot of blinking. :sweat_smile:

My biggest issue is finding something that survives those flaks on island 6 long enough for the blue to actually die. Basically everything just explodes


Summon warrior/Self Destruct. (with a preference for the summon)

Would also try stuttering (it’s not a blink! >:( ) the blue mage on the approach.

A couple other bits of info:

  1. Freeze and cloak, useful on Steal essence dragons: Cast freeze on turn, spam down red mage before freeze land, cloak at last minute to stutter blink. Helpful on damage heavy islands. Can do the same with flux and freeze

  2. Galvanic overload plus Invincibility shield, on Rizar, Ferga, etc: recast of GO won’t cost health when shield is active.

  3. Summon warrior equip on warrior: Can be very helpful on damage-heavy sections of base due to warrior having large health pool. Ex: Summon warrior on Chunk when dealing with blue base’s ice turret.

  4. Partial volley, explosive shield, and steal essence: can cast explosive shield before flying past island, partial volley the tower which you want to pick the spell from, shield exploding on turn will kill tower.

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Huh. Thought they changed that a while back? If not, useful!

Not all players have all the divines (to expert). If you cannot beat a base with lineage dragons, than PG should make that base easier, and should consider that not all have all the strongest dragons in a tier. No fun at all in this event!


Pro Kate. Grumpy approved :+1::wink::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Only ones I have left are platinum base 6 and the last two for emerald. I don’t have any platinum divines and it’s a real struggle. Any suggestions for the lineage dragons??

Most tiers cannot be completed with 3 lineage dragons that only have rare & epic runes/glyphs and riders that aren’t max legendary gear & specifically trained for the dragon you temporarily bond them to. I get it and appreciate fact that OP was trying to give some advice, but either they have even rare & epic lineage dragons set up with legendary & mythic runes and max gear riders on them (a feat that would require people to go back in time to 2015 and start playing when the game came out, or throw more money at the game than I’ll make in the next decade), OR there are unreported scaling issues that seem to affect only some people / platforms.

I’m not about to change up everything / spend rubies or real money for an event where WE are supposed to be helping PG by keeping the playerbase 100% active during a week where a lot of people would otherwise finish the breeding event in 30m & unplug for a few days.


They don’t have pretty much any of the things you assumed they do (set up wise)
and instead spend a significant amount of their time practicing different pilots skills on a regular basis instead of assuming things about people and whining about how “hard” things are…



Meanwhile assuming that my flying skills suck so much, ironically.

hang on let me quote myself

Hmmm I see no where in there that I mentioned your flying abilities. In regards to you, only your ability to assume and assume incorrectly. That is all :thinking::exploding_head:


Are we really gonna dance around this? You said there’s an additional possibility that my assesment is wrong and they just fly that well. That’s automatically implying that that’s in sharp contrast to me, otherwise I wouldn’t have made my initial reply. That, in turn, is you assuming I fly very poorly.

Since I’ve been on the same team as the person in question for 6+ months and we’ve shared our game progression status many times…
I’m going with you are indeed factually wrong with your assumption about their dragon set ups, riders, gear availability, etc.

I quoted your “OR” giving an alternative to your list of possibilities which is that they do indeed fly well and why they do so.

If that is automatically “interpreted” as you feeling like someone is saying you fly like crap. Then maybe you do fly like crap? Because I didn’t at any point in time speak about your abilities to fly and i quite frankly don’t care if your abilities are :poop: or :fire:. As it has 0 bearing on your assumption of the player in question being incorrect.