How about a something special on launch aniversary

One thing I would like to see is for everyone to get some kind of special anniversary “gift” on the anniversary of the games original launch date. One prize I would love to see is to have the chance once a year to get a special evolution sto (possibly named an “Omni stone”) that would allow you to unlock all the teirs of a specific dragon of your choice. That way once a year you would have the opertunity to use a dragon you feel is worth using all the way through obsidion that you may have been missed out on getting evolution stones for because you were too low a level at the time. You’re still have to grind and level the dragon up just like normal, but when you hit a level where a stone would be required, you can continue leveling just like you got the correct stone during that seasonal event. It would be nice thing to do for those of us who have been playing for awhile that have Devine dragons that are cool and would be worthy of continued use if we could get the past green teir. :smile:

Well, no auto-expand again but no old evo stones/related ideas or avatars.

Anniversary is good. Omnistone is not.


Anyone have any stats on the amount of times this old stone idea has been brought up?

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not actual stats but it feels like the answer is an inordinante amount :laughing:

Maybe that’s the April Fool’s joke this year, they’re going to announce Omni/Rainbow/Universal evolution stones. You get it and whatever Divine you apply it to, you can continue to evolve through all future tiers…

I would probably buy that


Well yeah! I’d never need to buy another pack or stress over sigils or new tiers again…new tier released? Breed a lineage dragon and voila, I have an Apocalypse tier Necryx :smiling_imp:


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