How about a troop special for the revive event?

It would be nice to have a special pack tailored to the troop revive event. Say extra troops, some horns, and some keystones. Ive never been able to stomach 11k troops for $100 when I’ve killed 25k in 30 seconds before. Maybe we could sweeten the pack for the event? @pgdave

You can buy a pack that gives instant troop build. At least they did. Havent checked yet

No way those packs shouldn’t be touched, if anything they should double the hats regenerated per hour or something along those lines


Yep reckon a $10 pack that for the duration of event doubles hat regen rate seems like a perfect micro transaction



Does summon troop in the armory go towards point for the build troops event? Technically you aren’t building you are buying with the pack. I’m not complaining just need clarification.

If you buy the pack you get points when you instant summon them.

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Does someone know exactly how the point system works? My calculations seem wrong. 8k troops x 6.4 = 51,200.00 points. That can’t be right.

No thats right. But you only build 800 troops at a time. So 5120 points per build

oh yeah 10 hats is 1 troop that is where my calculation was off. Thank you for helping me figure this out. I was like WTH where are my 51k point :joy::rofl:

Great idea!

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