How about an apology?

You know usually when people mess things up in life,or (in game),usually a heartfelt apology is in I don’t know,maybe an I’m sorry I ripped you off and stole your money,im sorry I keep coming up with crap ideas to introduce into the game,I’m sorry we have made things extremely difficult to progress in the game I’m sorry were extremely repetitive with events,I’m sorry our art sucks,I’m sorry we make millions of dollars and have nothing to show for it but occasional tea parties and wack conventions to introduce something (atlas) that no one gives a crap about and only 1% of the player base will actually get and it’s broken,I’m sorry we don’t accept unsolicited ideas from the majority of the players that make this game even possible and pay our paychecks,I’m sorry the prices are outlandish and I’m sorry that every time someone likes something we go and screw it up. Sounds like a good way to start, you know,all that :point_up_2:. It’s gonna be a shame to watch this game get taken off the App Store. #epic fail

I agree with everything except that atlas launch party was a lot of fun

Parties are often fun. I want a war dragons poster :sunglasses::rofl:

Haha i’ll send you mine. I got 2

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Thanks man lol

They flagged my post because I told the truth.

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