How about increasing drop rate for chests on Gustav islands?

If chest drops were normalized for Gustav islands it wouldn’t be that bad. Unfortunately for anyone other than a level 100 or below they simply won’t get any due to level discrepancy.

Is there any way we can set a fixed drop rate for these pve islands? At least it would be something.


Be careful, we may all leave the game if they start giving freebies…


You mean we won’t leave because of the crippling stagnation and steep pay to play model of the game? Oops, I forgot :see_no_evil:


No because unbeknownst to us, we are all in a cruel psychological experiment.


I think about this every time this event comes up. Imo the drop rate for a particular Gustav base should be the same for everyone as the maximum power of the bases is so low that many mid-high level players get poor drop rates in contrast to pvp portions where players can actually choose bases which are high enough to give chests. I actually noticed a difference between my main 260 and mini 158 accounts. Both get dismal drop rates but while my main might see 5 chests from the entire event my mini finds one every 3-4 runs. Yet both can oneshot towers with unboosted hunters or entire islands with flux. There is 0 difference in difficulty between them



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They already solved this. All you have to do is drop a mega every run and you get plenty of chests…

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Was this an attempt at trolling? Because it’s an incorrect statement.

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It was, he was talking about the chests at the end “making up” for the chests missed in the battle.

But mega coins don’t guarantee chests…


Every mega I’ve used has given 40ish chests mixed between bronze and silver with the occasional gold thrown in. Just like supers add 4 chests at the end as well. I’m not a fan of megas in the slightest but I have used them when necessary FTW and they do guarantee large chest drops. My post was accurate laced with a touch of sarcasm.

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They do not guarantee chest drops (speaking from reading, not from using them). There have been multiple posts since they were intoroduced where someone gets 0. Mega coins just multiple how many chests you might get otherwise, and 0 x 50 is still 0.

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I’m speaking from personal and not from reading and the #’s have always been consistent for me. I however haven’t dropped a mega on a black blood base so it is possible that I am incorrect in that regard. I’m also not going to test it to see :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It appears after doing a little reading that indeed useing a mega does not guarantee chests.

Goes with level lol sad to say if ur well over the island level u won’t see hardly any drops if ur under or equal or even close ull gain more

I’m waiting for your “oh my God where are my chests” post. It’s coming. Just wait.

Edit I see you’ve seen the light :joy:


Speaking of chests, how come the monuments are gustav’s islands are much higher in level than normal bases at the same level? It makes the monuments extremely hard to finish off.

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