How about more dragon “power levels” instead of tiers?

Why is it that we stopped having as much depth in dragon tiers upon the release of sapphire?

As you went up in tiers, the depth was great. Platinum had Rare, epic, and legendary. Sapphire then went down to 2, Legendary and Mythic.

@PGJared can I make a suggestion that we introduce a new power level of dragons instead of a new tier? Allowing for more breed paths again, more backbreeds, and a heck of a lot more dragons to go for. Just make them even more expensive. The depth in tiers has hyper accelerated and I think this would be much easier for players to progress when starting from scratch, today.


This is the exact opposite of what we need in Sapphire+ tiers. We need scaling before they do anything like this… :t_rex:


I think the reason is more related to how dragons need 4 spells from sapphire tier due to toughness of bases.
Again I might be wrong, but just food for thought.
But then, they could still release more dragons per tier and create more backbreed options.

Aside from some lineage dragons (Draco, Frigg, Ember, and Ochre)

Common : 1 spell,
Rare : 2 spells,
Epic : 3 spells,
Legendary : 4 spells,
Mythic : 4 spells, unlocked at lv 1.

What’s special about 6th power level?




Nobody wants to stay in a tier for that long. And lineage dragons are bleh except for noc and destar and hau. Game is fine as is I think.

I would rather have a poker game in game betting my gold :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.

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This is probably because you levelled up too fast and older tiers became irrelevant too quick.
If you are speaking of just OP dragons, then you are probably right. Otherwise, i respectfully disagree. There are quite a few tier dragons which are useful if you breed them at their appropriate levels and not just leave them breedable.


Big :question:

I like the idea of greater depth. It would create more breeding options (or should) and it would allow for a richer experience of the tier.

AFAIK, there are 4 existing classes of dragons (plus the ones you can buy, which are in a different class).

C4 is mythic
C3 is legendary
C2 is Epic
C1 is everything else (at least in the naming scheme).

Point of this is there ARE rare and common dragons… But they have different kits. But they are treated as the same class.


You could have a “Common” Apocalypse Tier (That’s what comes after Harbinger, right?) that has the Kit of a legendary. And then keep building. So, Rare N-Tier could be 4 spells (like legendary is now), but perhaps a “better” combination or even just higher base stats… I want to avoid the “better” combination since, I’m strongly opposed to breeders or otherwise pointless dragons.

If you had three dragons at each level (0-4), that would be 15 dragons in a tier. Any two commons could be bred for one, or possibly two Rares. A rare and a common might open on more rare and should provide at least one useful backbreed (to the common you didn’t get at “full price.”) And it progresses onward. Any two rare, will get at least one or two epic, with a backbreed for the rare, epics to legendary, legendary to mythic, but maybe with the mythic, you get the two legendaries, but only one Mythic (rather than one or two). Still get the backbreed for the remaining legendary, and then you can breed the second mythic either from a different combination of the legendaries or with the Mythic and the legendary you backbred. And the final mythic is from the two mythics.

Basically, give people options up until the mythic power levels. So, if you’re a hunter lover, well, the hunter and the warrior (or sorcerer) will get you the next level hunter as a possible outcome. Now you need the warrior or sorcerer for that level to get the hunter from the next level. And so on… So, you can’t just have hunters, but you are not (more or less) forced to get everything. You have to get about 2/3s to keep moving on your desired path.

That’s off the cuff though… could be a terrible idea.

I would like to see more depth in the tiers, just so they are more meaningful. and I would like to see more breeding options so that players have at least some choices to go down different paths. Ofc, with the option of filling in the gaps later through actual back breeds that don’t require the “parents” to get the child–these are great for research and builder huts, but meaningless for dragon progression. I want to see some other changes in bases too–ones that help provide a real place for warriors and sorcerers–but that is a totally different, even if intimately interconnected, discussion.

When everything is legendary or mythic, how mythical is is really?


For competitive players who just want to get there on end game dragons, putting more dragons in a tier is terrible idea. For those who just played less than a year or what ever and for those who has nothing to breed anymore maybe they will have a different point of view. But overall, I dont like this idea. Just my opinion.


Why are “competitive” and “larger tiers” at odds with each other? Don’t release the whole tier at once… And you still get to be “competitive.”

You don’t have to be at endgame to be “competitive.” If you think you do… well, then almost the entire game is populated with players who are not “competitive.”

The purpose of having Mythic and Legendary only at Sapphire+ is because players complained at having to spend tokens on dragons they couldn’t actually use to fly. So much cost scaling needs to happen.


They are smaller tiers because collectively they take a ton more egg tokens to make it through.

This… :point_up:t2:

why would we want dragons that wouldnt be of use, not unless its a hau caliber then okay maybe I maybe would consider it personally, and again cost must be scaled downwards Drastically!

There is a huge huge gap between the difference in strength of seasonal dragons vs lineage, and in a war you would technically use only 1 dragons anyways and 98% of the time i only see seasonal dragons , noctua , hau and destar for lineage. I have never seen a lineage dragon to be a lead or follow up not unless its hau, destar or noc (insert dragons with death gaze and umbral) . During farming no i (and most of player base)never lineage seasonal dragons :face_vomiting:.

So where is the benefit of adding more depth in lineage?. More options for breeding path? :face_vomiting:.

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6th rarity: Forbidden

5 spells? 4 white spells unlocked at level 1? 4 spells per run but the user can customize the spells before the run? Same as mythic?

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I never meant that the cost of each dragon should remain the same.

Dragons are vastly overpriced right now.

I was trying to think of a way to

  1. Slow down the increasing rate of the “end” moving further away.
  2. Give players more viable breeding options, rather than (more or less) a single path forward with no useful back breeds.
  3. I assumed the dragons wouldn’t suck. Who wants dragons that suck? And why should event dragons be better than Lineage ones? It may be the case most of the time, but does it have to be?
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As long as its egg is as cheap as Slynx, I wouldn’t mind :smirk:

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